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Well, it's a dome that springs into existence around and above you, so it doesn't provide a safety net for anyone falling within it (since it's not a sphere).

That's just half the answer, though. Don't know about the other half.

Cairo - Oh right it doesn't make a floor does it...

Now im curious if a casters facing matters for 'above you'.

ex: cast it while upside down to create an open ceiling cup shelter.
Or cast it while laying on a branch or being held horizontal to create an open bottom against the thing you are climbing and a stationary dome in the open air.

Personally I'd rule that up is opposite to the direction in which you'd fall naturally and unobstructed, when casting the spell. Beyond that lies a case-by-case rabbit hole.

3.5: Can Geomancer levels be used to advance Mystic Theurge spellcasting? Since there's only ten non-epic levels of Mystic Theurge?

Mystic Theurge doesn't have spellcasting - it advances the spellcasting of other classes. There's a bit of a grey area when it comes to something like Uncanny Trickster or Legacy Champion but once an Epic progression is available I think that becomes even tougher a sell.

You might be able to qualify for another dual-progression PrC, such as Arcane Hierophant or Fochlucan Lyricist, which helps immensely. If not, you're stuck with just advancing one class or the other (perhaps via a PrC, which could be Epic Mystic Theurge). This is actually kind of by design and not quite as bad as it sounds, because once you get dual L9 spells you're mainly worried about caster level anyway, and Practised Spellcaster helps with that a lot up through the first few Epic levels, and anyway CL is still not as big a deal as higher-level spells.

D&D 3.5:

Question about Magic Jar spell. Can the caster's body be "killed" while the caster's soul is in the gem or in a host? Killed as in sustaining what would be considered a normally mortal wound for a living body (getting run through, etc.) that leaves the body intact? I wonder because the spell says that when the caster's soul is in the gem or a different host, its normal body is considered dead.

I mostly wonder this because of whether Magic Jar could be Contingency'ed to prevent death from a mortal wound. Say something stabs me and takes me below -10 HP, Contingency casts Magic Jar and my soul goes into the jar at the moment of impact. Could I go back into my body afterward and be OK (perhaps at -1 HP or something)?

I'm inclined to say that yes, your body can be destroyed while you're not in it.

The description of the spell here on d20srd includes the line, "If the spell ends while you are in the magic jar, you return to your body (or die if your body is out of range or destroyed). If the spell ends while you are in a host, you return to your body (or die, if it is out of range of your current position), and the soul in the magic jar returns to its body (or dies if it is out of range). Destroying the receptacle ends the spell, and the spell can be dispelled at either the magic jar or at the host’s location."

Emphasis is mine.

I am inclined to believe that the spell would not have a provision in it for what happens if your body is destroyed while you're not in it, if it were not possible to kill your body while you're not in it, so I must conclude that it is, in fact, possible to kill an unoccupied body.

How difficult it is to tell that the caster's body is just unoccupied and not actually dead is probably up to your GM (Heal check, maybe?), but now I'm imagining some poor sap casting magic jar while being ever-so-slightly too careless with his body, and ended up embalmed and buried while he's away...


Roaming pit - "Any creature that avoids falling into the pit when it reaches its new destination moves to the nearest safe space."

Does this mean if I cast this in a 10 foot wide hallway in the square just past an enemy and then move it back towards us that they're also effectively moved back those 20 feet whether they make the save or not (if not they're in the pit, if they do they backpedal)?

Or would their reflex save cause them to 'jump' the pit as its moving to the other side cause that is less distance to the 'nearest safe space' to jump a 10 foot pit then to backpedal twenty feet?

The latter.

Creatures are only repositioned if they would be forced to make a reflex save by the pit's final destination for a given move, and the 'nearest safe space' is calculated only at that time.

dnd 5e

If you mage armor a monk their ac would become 13+dex instead of 10+dex+wisdom?
Im pretty sure 5e doesnt make it 13+dex+wisdom but im just making sure.

Effectively they get to choose the higher cause the spell speculates 'willing target'?

Also for multiclassing spellcasters, was the table updated for artificers? Or they just kind of poopoo'd upon like warlocks/pact magic?

Or do other classes only count one way for them when determining available spell slots etc? Ie - if im 12th level artificer and 4 levels wizard I've got 3rd and 4th level spell slots for artificer but still only count as 4th level wizard?

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