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The City of 7 Seraphs

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The City of 7 Seraphs

The City of 7 Seraphs - Forum

The City of 7 Seraphs is at the heart of crossroads in the Lattice, a major Shadow plane travel of unknown origin. A huge City separated by various walls and districts. The City is a reflection of many other cities from across the multiverse. Recognizing a building or two isn't uncommon for visitors.

If you are familiar with Planescape, the City of 7 Seraphs is serving the same purpose as Sigil.

The Seven districts :

Orchard District, The Irons District, The Colleges District, The Archives District, The Pacts District, The Docks District and The Crowns District.

You are a warden. You are part of a circle of Wardens, consisting of six members responsible for keeping public safety within the city. By default, each member must represent a different parity in the circle of six but, it will be adapted depending on the players. The Wardens form patrol and protect the City to the best of their abilities.

There are fourteen parities to choose:
  • The Ashborn: The caretakers of the great Orchards, the Ashborn also staff the city walls providing an aggressive first line of defense— praising the need to Destroy to clear the way for new Creation.
  • The Blackblades: The guards of the Prisons, this Parity takes pleasure in Endings. It is little wonder that so many “reform” under their care joining their ranks rather than facing their “justice.”
  • The Bookbinders: The keepers of the Archives and curators of many private collections are precisely that, keepers. They often value books above their own lives and almost certainly above those of others.
  • The Chrysalis Covenant: The advocates of healing and personal transformation—enlightenment, shapechanging, or more lasting evolutions. They also manage the Grand Hospice
  • The Descendants of Dream: Artists and philosophers debating the nature of reality. They sponsor public Debate Kivas, Theatres and Art Collectives.
  • The Eternal Dawning: A crusade from the Prime Worlds finding a new home, the Dawning strives to bring light to darkness.
  • The Foreseen: A psionic and psychic collective that focuses on precognitive insight. They are often accused of manipulative and self-fulfilling prophecy.
  • The Hands of Onus: The Hands or Obliged, as they are often called, believe that burden is sacred. They serve as civic authorities and magistrates for the City as well as maintaining the Wellness Houses of the City.
  • The House of Heights: These gods in the making often act the part even founding churches and in some cases, granting spells to worshipers.
  • The Icegrave Enclave: Morticians of the metropolis, the ferrymen of the Parity boat the dead from the Docks to the iceberg island of the Icetomb.
  • The Steamwalkers: This Parity focuses on the need to innovate. The way to the future is paved with experimentation, collaborative conflict, and risk.
  • The Sanguine Sovereignty: This vampiric Parity espouses the power of generational entitlement and hungers of all kinds.
  • The Temple of Coin: This Parity’s brokers value forbidden secrets, indulge in usury and simony, and have accrued a fortune described as virtually limitless.
  • The Thunderchildren: Thunderchildren study strength and weakness, seeking to master the perfect Strike–a balance of force and discipline measured to the task of the destruction–sublime efficiency.

I'm looking for six players or lower depending on various factors (a veryx can technically count as two).

The CrunchSources:

The City of 7 Seraphs by Lost Spheres Publishing, Dreamscarred Press supplements, Paizo Official Supplements, Niobe Pathfinder Supplement, World of Vampire Hunter D supplement, Pathfinder Comics, Trailseekers supplements from ENWorld, Wayfinder supplements from Paizo Fan United, The Secrets of Series (Rite Publishing), The Genius Guide series (RGG), Thunderscape supplements (Kyoudai), Spheres system (Drop Dead Studios), Freeport supplements (Green Ronin), Psychological combat (Everyman Gaming), Grimoire of Lost Souls (Radiance House), New Paths Compendium - Expanded Edition (Kobold Press), Legendary Games supplements, Lost Spheres Publishing Supplements, Midgard Campaign Setting Supplements, Liber Influxus, Porphyra supplements (Purple Duck Games), Kobold Quarterly Issues, In the Company of Vampires (Rite Publishing) and many more...

All races listed in the supplement above are available.

Ability Scores:
25 point buy.

Classes, feats and Equipment:
All classes, feats, and equipment from the sources above are allowed.

Alignment and Religion:
All Alignments and Deities are allowed. You might find it appropriate to worship a deity from the City, but it isn't necessary.

You start with 24 PP in your parity and Fame 10.

Hit Points and Level:
Max at 1st level, roll when advancing. You start at level 6.

Two traits, a drawback can allow you to obtain a third trait.

You start with 16,000 gp. You can't spend more than 8000 gp on any single item.

Everything Else:
Background Skill, Advanced and Legendary Talents from Spheres system are available, not using any of the other optional systems.
One option per section of the City of 7 seraphs at most.

Most of the City mechanics can be accessed here: (names have been changed due to OGL rules on some of them), please note in your application if you are only using the OGL version, so I know what to look for.

Direct your questions to here
Post your thread and application here

Game Description:

The City of 7 Seraphs is an interplanar city.

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Okay, this sounds like a REALLY interesting world to play around in. I don't usually go for 3rd party stuff or stuff where you start out at level 3 or above, but this is interesting enough to hook me!

The City of 7 Seraphs is otherworldly, to say the least. But yeah, when it comes to place to play around in, it is pretty awesome.

This seems like a worthwhile campaign to invest into, I'll see what I can cook up and give a character application.

Always been a fan of Planescape...might have to give this a look see.

Posting interest! I’ll start working up an application and see what I can come up with.

I was actually just talking about wanting to do a recruitment for a City of Seven Seraphs game in the interest check thread a few days ago. The chance to play in a game would be even more exciting though. Definitely going to put something together.


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