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The Fall of Plaguestone

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The Fall of Plaguestone

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Pathfinder 2e

This campaign takes place in Golarion, 4719 AR.

Character creation follows the default rules.

I'm looking for four to five players.

You are all passengers aboard Bort Bargith caravan consisting of multiple wagons, a dwarf trader from the Five Kings Mountains, doing his route from Elidir the capital of Isger to Almas the capital of Andoran. There are faster and easier routes south, but for people trying to avoid Cheliax, it's the safest option.

There are backgrounds that you should consider for the module at the beginning, but you are still free to use the other backgrounds: (only one person in the party can have the Teamster Background)

Game Description:

A PF2 campaign starting with the module The Fall of Plaguestone.

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So far, it's the application process, I mean some people have shown some interest, so will leave the thread up a little while before making a decision.

Originally Posted by Gentlemanbear View Post
It's an interesting module with a surprisingly good amount of roleplaying and investigation.
I value a game that has investigation as a core part of the experience. I currently do not have Pathfinder 2 yet, but I am thinking of a Druid Refugee.

I also assume default rules mean that we start at level 1?

Well, it is a new game, so a lot of interest to try it out. Unfortunately, one of my friends in our real-life group prefers games where one can tinker around and, err, optimise more. And since PF2 makes a laudable effort to make all options equally viable, he has voiced some disinterest in us playing PF2...

Hello. I'm here expressing interest. I wanted to make a sorcerer. Never done mythweaver, but I own the crb and beastiry (if it matters)


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