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Snake-Eyes (from G.I.Joe) build

Snake-Eyes (from G.I.Joe) build

Anyone remember this guy? (If not, it might take too long to explain)

I was thinking about what it would take to build a similar concept in Pathfinder. My must-haves:
  • firearm proficiency (and grit, because what's one without the other?)
  • two-weapon fighting
  • wolf animal companion

While I played around with an Inquisitor (Sacred Huntsman Archetype) and the Black Powder Inquisition, but I didn't really like the divine flavour or the lack of weapon proficiencies. The Picaroon Swashbuckler archetype has sword & gun, but charisma should be a dump stat for this kind of character.

Here's what I came up with (so far):
Race: Human

STR 16
DEX 15
CON 12
INT 10
WIS 15

1GunslingerQuick Draw, DodgeI figure Gunslinger is the best way to have guns
2Ranger 1 (Skirmisher Archetype)noneRanger for Animal Companion, and Skimisher Hunter tricks are 'ninja like' in athleticism... don't think spells fit the flavour
3Ranger 2 (Skirmisher Archetype)Mobility, Two-Weapon FightingTwo-Weapon Combat style
4Ranger 3 (Skirmisher Archetype)Endurancenone
5Ranger 4 (Skirmisher Archetype)Deft Shootist DeedWolf Animal Companion starts here, Deft Shootist lets me shoot/reload without AoO

Here's where I'm a little undecided. So far I can wield a longsword (instead of a katana) in one hand, and either shoot a gun in the off-hand, or wield a light melee weapon (like a dagger or short-sword) in the off-hand, or some other variation like that. I could keep going with the Ranger levels and use Hunter tricks to be 'ninja-like' abilities. But what if the Gunslinger and Ranger levels corresponded to his US Military training, and then (as in his origin story) he joined a ninja clan?

Option 1: Levels in NinjaPros: Closest in original flavour, gains the ninja weapon proficiencies like katana etc. and sneak attack too. No trace fits the character too
Cons: Charisma for Ki pool. I would actually start with 0 Ki.

Option 2: Levels in Monk - Master of Many StylesI wanted an archetype to give up Flurry of Blows since I already have Two-Weapon fighting. Snake Eyes is listed as a master of 12 different fighting systems so collecting style feats might be fun.
Pros:Ki pool through wisdom, unarmed strikes and style feats. Use the Vow of Silence to simulate his mute nature
Cons:Most of the time he should be armed, and monk weapons aren't quite what I'm looking for

I think I might go with a 3rd option which is option 2 for one level, then carrying on with ninja levels thereafter. When you have Ki pool from 2 classes, you can pick the attribute it's based on, so I would choose Wisdom. I'd still have the Fuse Style and one Style Feat from the Monk level, and I can use regular feats and the Ninja Trick: Style Master to pick up more as I want. I also want Quick Stow as a feat to be able to cycle weapons in and out without dropping them or spending too much time sheathing them.


Dang it. I need 4 levels of Monk to have a Wisdom based Ki pool. Using Rogue and Rogue Talents to achieve Ninja flavour might be the way to go.

I would probably consider not worrying as much about Strength as the main stat. Especially if you are going in a direction like Rogue. Between Sneak Attack and Finesse Training (Unchained Rogue), you'll more than make up for the lesser strength in turns of damage. Clearly you'll still want something in the stat for climbing, swimming, and other relative skills. Guns are clearly going to be dexterity based.

Slayer might be an option to look into as well. Love Snake Eyes, he was always my favorite Joe

I miss the 80s comic book series. For the most part, it was very well written and gave the characters depth. Pity they never figured out how to do that for the movies, or most of the cartoons for that matter.

Originally Posted by WhisperMagellan View Post
I miss the 80s comic book series. For the most part, it was very well written and gave the characters depth. Pity they never figured out how to do that for the movies, or most of the cartoons for that matter.
Check out the current running IDW G.I Joe comic series. It's actually pretty fun.

step 1: save money by not painting the figure
step 2: create a vague origin making it easy for kids to imagine themselves as the character
step 3: tack on some martial arts stuff for the second release and also a dog

I don't remember Snake Eyes ever killing in the original cartoon.

In fact I only ever remember all weapons fire missing anything but vehicles. Which proceeded to explode and somehow never manage to kill anyone.

I think Snake Eyes with a dog, that can kill, is probably actually Cyborg Ninja from the Metal Gear Solid series.

That said, why not both?

That said why not Zoidberg?

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