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Rise of the Ogre King

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Rise of the Ogre King

Rise of New Heroes - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 4e - Forgotten Realms 4e

Legend foretells a time when a long dead evil king will rise up in the north beginning a new the struggle between good and evil. It also says that at this time Heroes will rise to face this evil and that should they fail, death and destruction will befall many of the kingdoms of the north. It is now that the omens have come, heralding the Ogre Kings Return. Heroes will need to rise and face this challenge, will you be one of them?

Looking for players for a 4e game. Send me a character any class or race found in phb 1,2 or 3. 5 places available.

Game Description:

The stars have aligned and bad omens foretell the rise of an ancient evil king. Can new Heroes be found to prevent disaster befalling the town of Loudwater?

This is the beginning of what I hope to be a much longer campaign. I am seeking players that will post regularly, as I run what would be seen as very quick pbp games. I Look forward to you joining me on this adventure.

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I’m interested in joining. Thinking of a human Warlord or a Halfling warlock. Happy to come up with someone else if neither fits.

Halfling Warlock - Valiel Starron

Human Warlord - William Brandis

Are there still slots available and would you accept a hybrid per PHB3?

Yes 2 slots left.

Send me a join request or post in the applications thread and I will get the game started.

Originally Posted by ColdSteel1 View Post
Sorry, how do I do either of those? I am new to the forum.
You can go here and click on the 'Join Game' button at the top.


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