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Players of Older D&D and Clones

Add me, lets show are love for Retro-RPGs

I'm glad you atarted this. It is tough to find second edition players. I am mostly interested in any AD&D 2nd edition games. 1st edition or maybe even a good old basic game. Lets hear it for the system where being an dwarf, elf or hafling wasn't just a race it was a class too.

So what would be the etiquette regarding DMs looking for players here? Should we only contact people by PM, or should we also post a response in this thread linking to our old-school game ad?

(Apologies for the shameless plug of my own game there, I really am curious about the etiquette as well.)

I think it would be okay to post a link here saying you have a game open. But the idea is that if anyone posts PM okay then you can directly contact them. I am not going to put "PM okay" unless you specifically tell me too.

No worries on the plug getting OSR players and DMs together is the whole point.

Thanks to for all the interest. Our numbers are growing fast!

I'm starting a Basic Fantasy game, 2 spots left.

I've played and will play Swords and Wizardry, Labyrinth Lord and OSRIC.

Mel there is a 2e game recruiting now.

2e is not my thing so I didn't read past figuring out it was 2e.


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