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World of Farland

A world conquered by evil and ruled by the Lords of Sin; A unique campaign setting designed to be used with all editions of D&D.

New GM for Farland

New GM for Farland

I fell in love with this campaign setting immediately. It is so detailed and the underlying plot points are unique. I have already started a campaign and we are starting off with a low level adventure, "What Lurks Beneath." I have felt the need to make some modifications. I wanted the campaign to take place in an occupied territory, and have the main story line freeing the continent from the grip of the Seven Sins. Pride and Gluttony have been liberated by a band of free orcs from a far away continent and the human resistance. The status of Sloth is unknown to the world, but Envy had dispatched a size able fleet to put down the resistance. I kept Greed the dragon, however, I instead created the province of Arafel instead of making Greed taking control of the dwarf city, so I instead made a province.

The reason being is that I wanted a playground for the characters to level up. We are playing a high fantasy game with a good amount of hack and slash. I have only allowed humans and dwarves to be PC races. I imagine in the occupied territories Elves are not welcome. We have a psychic, cleric, warlock, barbarian, paladin, and fighter in the party. The warlock has made a pact with Greed the Lord of Sin himself, so I intend to use that for full story telling advantage. If you're curious as to how the first session went, we have an online summary at Obsidian Portal under Seven Sins of Alterone.

Anyways I'll check back here to bounce ideas off of people. I plan on using the herbalism mechanic fully.

Welcome! I'm glad that you like the setting. Let me say that the way you have structured your campaign seems perfect for Farland. A high fantasy campaign with lots of fighting and with the ultimate goal of taking down the Lords of Sin is a classic way to play in the World of Farland. Can you post a link to your obsidian portal.


I can't post the link yet it seems, I need to make 5 posts.

Yes, I mean, fighting the seven sins seemed like the easiest full scale campaign goal with plenty of room for drama. Although to be honest, two of the player characters make me suspect that the campaign may not proceed the way I think The first character is a Psychic from Sloth who has escaped because her parents wanted to force her into a political marriage she didn't want. Being psychic, she is not a magic caster and not forced to be licensed. She used her psychic powers to "suggest" that people help smuggle her out of Sloth and into Greed. The Warlock is a small time criminal and gang leader in the southern part of Greed and made his warlock pact with Greed. This in and of itself is amazing, because that means his power comes from a Lord of Sin. Mix in a dwarf barbarian whose clan was massacred in the kingdom of Wrath and a naive cleric raised by dwarves, and we've got an interesting party. I'm not sure if they'll defeat the Lords of Sin or join them.

I've added a number of small things for flavor. For example, each kingdom has its name, but the Lords of Sin force people to call the kingdom using their name. It's a kind of political statement to use the human name of the kingdom rather than calling it "Greed" or "Sloth." The players make INT checks to see if they understand each provinces language. In the kingdom of Greed, all citizens must acquire a new item once per week, so that you have more this week than you did last week, or else face punishment. Citizens greet each other (sardonically) with "To be rich is glorious."

I'm in love with this setting

Wow, your party does sound interesting. I love the idea for the Warlock. I'll be checking out your campaign log.

Map Maker

How did you get such nice looking maps btw? I am making my own map of Farland (because mainly I wanted to change some stuff around) and I wanted it to look half as nice as your guys' :P

I made them in photoshop after many years of practice.



It's been a few weeks since I've posted, and I wanted to say the campaign has gone swimmingly. Everyone is basically in love with the setting. We've had 4 sessions so far, and we've advanced the plot quite a bit. I'm actually hoping that the players and I can create a story that could even make it into Farland canon :P Here is the website. The first two sessions I used one of the premade adventures, and then we got into the plot. If you care to discuss it at all, let me know.


That's awesome. Your updates are a fun read. It's good to see you getting in to the setting and branching off from the published adventures to take the game in your own direction. I also like how you're making up suitable terms and conventions for your game that also fit the setting.


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