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A world conquered by evil and ruled by the Lords of Sin; A unique campaign setting designed to be used with all editions of D&D.

Congratulate our new editor!

Congratulate our new editor!

We are officially bringing on board a new mechanics editor, in charge of 5e rules analysis. Congratulations to J. Vanderhoef, aka WhoEvrIWant2b! He does the job uncredited as is, so time to make it official.

Also congratulate our developmental/line editor D. Krough, aka DRKrough! He's been doing this job for some time but it's never too late for a shout-out!

Great to have these gentlemen on board. They've already proved themselves assets to the World of Farland.


And congrats to you, sir!

Yay me!

Originally Posted by drkrough View Post
Yay me!
Your modesty is without parallel.

Bravo Whoever. Which sounds weird and generic when I say it like that...

Originally Posted by WhoEvrIwant2b View Post
Woo I will spend my raise on hookers and blackjack.
Haha! What else?

Nice job all. Your work is always appreciated and helps make this world even better.

I think you may have posted in the wrong thread.


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