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World of Farland

A world conquered by evil and ruled by the Lords of Sin; A unique campaign setting designed to be used with all editions of D&D.

Help us name our Setting PDF

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What should we call our World of Farland setting pdf?
World of Farland Gazetteer 3 9.68%
World of Farland Setting Compendium 2 6.45%
World of Farland: The Setting 1 3.23%
The World of Farland Campaign Setting 25 80.65%

Help us name our Setting PDF

Alright, so based on popular request, I am probably going to compile some World of Farland PDFs. I need help naming the one that will contain most of the setting info. Please vote in this poll or suggest a name of your own.

For me it was a tie between Gazetteer and Campaign Setting. Gazetteer has its old school value and I like the word, but Campaign Setting eventually won because it's clear, concise and exactly what it says.

"Setting Compendium" kind of implies that it's a collected work of various already published pdfs. And while you do say that it's compiles, I think this compilation is done from far smaller sources, and not from multiple full sized books. Hence, I feel Setting Compendium is a bit misleading.

"The Setting" on the other hand feels as if there are more books coming to World of Farland, and are things that are more or less necessary to run anything in Farland. Like "World of Farland: The Mechanics", "World of Farland: the Monsters", "World of Farland: The Quest for More Money" and "World of Farland: The Flamethrower".

Just my two cents or local fantasy equivalent.

Thanks for the analysis!

I agree with the above though with later pdfs if you wanted to switch to " The World of Farland: Class paths " you can do so but it is not needed for now. AKA ":" can be used for smaller groupings if you want but for the big overview I would leave it out.

Makes good sense.

Simplicity is best.

I agree with Actana. I like Gazetteer, but for newer player and just general simplicity the "Setting" one seems the best option.

Both here and on Twitter, "The World of Farland Campaign Setting" is winning.

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