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Starfinder game

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Starfinder game

The Dark Between the Stars - Forum

The screen a the front of the passenger block plays the same video it has been playing for the last four hours. You are seated, chained to your seat and unable to move much, in your orange overalls shackled at both hands and ankles. The guard near the screen looks bored, as much as a robot can actually look anything.
Re-educational videoOur solar system is home to much life but more importantly six sentient races. The government of this system is just and fair and the races and citizens are subdivided into classes. All citizens are taught from a young age why this is; "Discordia is the end to all." That slogan is everywhere and the Grand Master watches over the prosperity of the system from billboards, posters, vid-shows, and broadcasts, as he has done for hundreds, even thousands of years now.
"Don't disrupt. Discordia is the end of all."
The main planet, Aega is beautiful, once on the brink of succumbing to pollution and overcrowding but now carefully nurtured back to health through closely monitored efforts of botanists and zoologists and a strict policy of birth control. Such foolishness could not be allowed to endanger the planet again.
"Think of consequences. Discordia is the end of all."
The classes and races are not strictly bound too each other but with each races aptitudes and societal conditioning they are widely respected.
The warrior caste is made up of Brutes, a race once known as half-orcs though none recall what an actual full orc is so the race lost all feeling with the name.
The builder caste is made up primarily of dwarves.
The custodial caste is made up primarily of Halfings.
The weaver caste concerns itself with the study and guardianship of magic and is made up primarily of elves.
The engineer caste is made up primarily of gnomes.
The diplomat caste is made up primarily of humans.
Harmony is achieved and there are children born as half human and half elves and a race of sentient machines called androids have been created to help smooth inter caste relations.
"Think of unity. Discordia is the end of all."
The moon you are traveling too now is called Doos and houses the largest deposits of gold, strontium, and uranium in the solar system. You are a prisoner of the Grand Master. You have been sentenced to serve out your time aiding the prosperity of out great society even as you are re-educated for re-entry into society.
"Better yourself. Discordia is the end of all."

This is a recruitment for a Starfinder game. It will be my first one but not my first Pathfinder game or any other game by a long shot.
I have been running pbp campaigns for over 7 years now and am a consistent and regular dm without any delusions of godhood. As this will be my first Starfinder game we will start at the basics at lvl 1 just as described in the core rule-book.
As the only 'weird thing' the races you can choose from are the classic fantasy races Elves, Half-orcs (brutes), halflings, gnomes, half-elves, dwarves, humans, and also androids. You start as a prisoner on an automated prisoner transport so you must have done something wrong. Feel free to make something, anything up. The system where you are from does not know or have interstellar space-travel technology. You will be pulled out of the home system at the start of the campaign, from then on you will meet and interact with the standard Starfinder races as well as others of the fantasy races.

Place your applications in the applications folder of the forum.
Application deadline is 1st of August 2019.

Game Description:

This is a game that will take the players from their own limited corner of the galaxy to the great unknown to struggle as they try and survive and find their way either back home or to greater horizons.
My games are not grimdark in nature yet despite the vibrancy of them can quite rightly be classified as crapsack with a decidedly grey and gray morality layered on it. In my campaigns choices have consequences, and almost everything is going test ones principles and morality. This can get somewhat tiring for some players that's why I bring it up here. Don't get me wrong, I love knights in shining armor. I just put them to harsh tests.

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Come on in one and all!
There's plenty room left. Mechanics, operatives, technomancers, soldiers, I need them all!

I'm glad this is still open. I'll try to put an application in soon. This doesn't seem to be set in the standard Starfinder universe so what are the appropriate gods and worlds?

Putting in a placeholder for a biomancer application. It's not a technomancer since i don't fully know how the system works yet. this could be fun!


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