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Make Mine Marvel: A Masks game about Marvel's new generation...

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Make Mine Marvel: A Masks game about Marvel's new generation...

Make Mine Marvel - Forum
Apocalypse World

Game Description:

Not the X-Men, not the Avengers, welcome the new young students from Excelsior Academy!

The latest generation of Marvel Heroes using the Masks: A New Generation game...

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"With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility!"

Great saying, whoever originally said it. It was probably an adult but you have to admit it still makes good sense.

You've got power but not wisdom and, deep down (OK, maybe really deep down for the more delinquent among you), you know you could use a little guidance.

So you've enrolled (or been enrolled) to the first class of the newly-founded Excelsior Academy on Long Island. To most folks, it is just an overpriced, underwhelming private school. But to you and your teachers, you know it is where confused empowered teens become heroes. It's not the X-Men or Avengers Academy and maybe that disappoints you. But you are the first of the Excesiors, not just another young Avenger or X-Man.

You would never admit beneath your snarky teen armor but you want to do your new school, your teachers and yourself proud!

You are invited to a Masks: A New Generation game set in an alternate Marvel Universe unique to us.

For those that haven't had the pleasure, Masks is a Powered by the Apocalypse (PbtA) game that is simple, fast and focuses on story rather than rules. You don't need to know the rules to start playing and you won't have to spend or read much if you want to keep in the game. What Masks does very well is not just superheroes, but teen superheroes with all of their angst and self-discovery among all of the caped battles.

The setting is an alternate Marvel Universe that follows the mainstream comic continuity except where we decide our universe doesnt. I encourage you to make your own unique characters. My main criteria are these:

Is your character Marvel enough that, were they to appear in another comic book company's issues, Marvel would likely sue.
Is your character Public Domain enough that no other company could sue if your character showed up in the pages of Marvel comics.

Here some good features not every game offers:

There is no maximum amount of characters for this game. You don't have to put heart and soul into a character to then wonder if it will be accepted.

Don't worry about playbook slots, I will accept multiple characters with the same playbook.

There are no posting requirements. I don't require regular contribution from players and long as they do not detract from the game.

Intrigued?! Follow the link, young hero, your algebra homework isn't going to do itself...

Me and a few friends of mine have recently started working on heroes of our own. I plan on possibly getting them to join and let them explain their characters but here is mine in a adjusted setting for this game. Imagine an adventurous boy with a love to explore. One day he finds this massive cave system and decides to explore it. After some decent and a few scratches, he comes across a pile of glowing rocks in an alcove. Out of curiosity he goes to touch them, but as he does the pile shifts and flys up to latch onto his arm all the way up his shoulder. Startled he steps back and trip hitting a wall and causing a small little puddle of lava to leak out onto his new boulder arm. He freaks out until he sees he isnt burning and neither is the stone. Instead the lava just seems to be pulled into the cracks of the stones and turned into more of an energy. Back to me. Essentially he has an arm covered in ancient space rocks that were able to conduct the elements. But for now he can only conduct one fire/lava due to the concentration needed for the conducting. Also over time his massive arm will grow and take over his body.

That sounds interesting and possible very frightening when he realizes it is spreading / growing. The fright of what if I'm encased in rock? How will I eat /breathe etc. It's not just look I have a cool rock arm with super powers.

Goredawn, your character is fine as described. There's enough angst there for several Marvel characters. Go ahead and make yourself a entry in the Yearbook.

If you are interested, your character reminds me a little of the original Star-Lord, who had a gun that would 'fire' the four elements through sheer force of will. That is, if that gun malfunctioned. But it is up to you, make your character as you will.


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