You could turn that sort of concept into a Shadowrun "Enthusiast", like a character who's a Super-Fan of all the movies and sims and trid productions of shadowrunners in-universe. Bought a set of armor, a nice sword and a gun or two in the last half-dozen years. Goes to the shooting range regularly, practices with the sword, wanting to be a Shadowrunner but always having an excuse why he couldn't, or he was just too afraid of breaking the law- again.

Because maybe what he's being blackmailed with was that he accidentally killed someone, maybe someone totally innocent like a child or something, when he was reckless one night or drunk etc. Maybe was shooting out in a field somewhere or was sneaking around in full "Kit" and ended up doing something terrible by accident etc. But it was recorded and now the Blackmailer is forcing him to become a Shadowrunner and he's kind of into it but wishes there wasn't blackmail- but he knows it's the only reason he's actually doing it soooo.

If you really wanted to push the envelope, there are a few in-universe reasons that aren't "I'm a Shadowrunner, I need the Bonuses" to have cyberware and bioware that Shadowrunners frequently have. Medical disorders frequently warrant cyberware as a means to 'cheaply' fix the problem. Bone lacing, for one, is a common medical practice for several conditions in-universe. Maybe your character suffered an infection of CFD and a nervous system reinforcement (Wired Reflexes 1, Skillwires etc) was required to solve your issues. Now justifying the cyberware this way should also involve taking some negative qualities to represent the lingering side effects that you still have, but it could be a way.

You could also just happen to be a cop that got quietly kicked off the force for doing something terrible. To save face and avoid massive lawsuits Knight Errant/Lone Star could be keeping it quiet but the Hacker could be blackmailing him with making the information public. A lower end corporate cop could be justified in having a level of Wired Reflexes. Or if they were a mage, a small selection of combat spells.

But nothing like fireball or anything mass-destructive like that. Unless that's why he got fired, of course. He got to cast it- once.