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Shadowrun: Bubblegum Pink

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Shadowrun: Bubblegum Pink

SR: Bubblegum Pink - Forum
Shadowrun 5e

Bubblegum Pink

You duck behind a corner, bullet whizzing by. You hear a few hit the plasteel corner, causing you to wince while you prepare to pop out and return fire. Your buddy next to you is clutching a sucking bullet wound. Just past that corner, you see the Earth, and sun rising past it. You would amire the sight more, if you were getting shot at.

And at that moment, you wondered “How the frag did I end up here?”

* * * * *

It was a warm, but rainy night when you got that call from your fixer, August. He had a job for you, which was perfect timing, because cash was starting to run low (nothing new there), and ghost knew if you didn’t get an influx of nuyen soon, either the landlord or the loan sharks would have your knee caps.

But the details were odd: ”The client wants you to rob a train…”

Maybe you should've suspected things were going to get weird back then. But cash is cash, right?

This is a short-ish Shadowrun 5e campaign, detailing the (mis)adventures a group of shadowrunners as they rise to the lime-light of prime runners. Most of the runs are not intended to be particularly interconnected, beyond the fact that they star the same runners. However, this is going to be very Pink Mohawk, as somewhat showcased by some of the locales I’ll be using to bring the action to the forefront of the story.

For those new to Shadowrun, or just to such definitions such as Pink Mohawk, it is a term originating from the early editions of SR, where characters were larger than life, and the art occasionally showed massive pink mohawks on the runners. Punk was alive and strong, and everything we once thought was going to be the future back in the 80’s was there. Pink Mohawk embodies these ideals, playing up the action and characters, going for more style than sense, with fast moving plot and intense action.

Despite that bit of foreshadowing at the beginning of this ad, I do not intend to pull punches. If a runner dies, just means he or she or it will not make it to that final, prime-time run. While I will not be sending people to hunt down your runners for basic mistakes, I have no intention to fudge the dice in your favor. The world will react accordingly.

As for myself, I am Yamazaki, local weeb, gaming enthusiast, forever GM for my live group, and so on. I cut my teeth on TTRPGs over 15 years ago, being introduced to BESM 2e and Rifts very quickly. However, about 5 years ago I happened upon the Shadowrun 5e core rulebook at my local bookstore and fell in love with the amazing setting. And then proceeded to subject my players to the system, and we all discovered the glory of Pink Mohawk.

I consider myself an easy going GM, especially with Shadowrun. I run fast and loose, and I don’t cling too tightly to the rules, but I try to adhere to the spirit of the rules.

I am Yamazaki, and my mohawk is bubblegum pink...

Game Description:

The streets of Los Angeles has always been one of the greater havens for runners. Maybe because that's where Hollywood is, they're obsessed with shadowrunners. Maybe because crime and intrigue goes hand-in-hand with the land of lost angels. Or maybe it's the fact that the megas gain more power, money, and prestige with the help of the runners.

Whatever the reasons, in the city of larger than life characters and style over substance, a pink mohawk or two is nothing to balk at...

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I've been pondering a couple of interesting is a Christopher Robin type Mage (summoner) for whom his Summons are the various Hundred Acre Wood characters, who are also representations of his fractured psyche.

The other idea I came up with (it was a relatively slow day at work) is an Alice Through The Mirror(Shades) type TechnoMancer, who's got more than a bit of the Mad Hatter in her makeup. *
Think Helena Bonham Carter in pretty much any role that Tim Burton directs her in, combined with the absolutely stellar way she brought Bellatrix LeStrange to life in the HP movies...I may have ISSUES (oh so many issues) with the movies, but her portrayal of Batty Bella was, IMO, absolutely spot on. That scene with her and Emma Watson in Malfoy Manor in the 8th movie still gives me chills.
thousand yard stare accompanied by little girl voice* "Dont worry, little rabbit. We're all just a little mad here..."
Anyone who's a bit more 'Pink Mohawk' friendly than I...thoughts on whether either of these might work? Or are they too dark?

Originally Posted by Arklytte View Post
Anyone who's a bit more 'Pink Mohawk' friendly than I...thoughts on whether either of these might work? Or are they too dark?
The first I would think is more in-line with a Pink Mohawk character. A lot more fun-loving, fun-inducing character that it could really play up with the characters the spirits appear and act like. I've always seen mages and shaman summon classic-form type spirits. Rarely do they ever get their own unique characteristics. Which I think in a PM game, would be super fun.

Like those spirits I wrote your Disney game, impersonating Roger Rabbit, Betty Boop and other classic cartoon characters.

Originally Posted by Moondragon007 View Post
I'm not sure which of my characters, if any, fits the Pink Mohawk style. Miss, you've met them, haven't you? Two are shamen and one is a technomancer, all elves. I might try something else if I can think of a good concept.
Hrmmm, those characters were all kind of designed for a serious environment. That doesn't mean their personalities, style of action etc can't be changed to be more fun-loving and 'loud' of course. But coming up with a new concept might be a good idea for this specific style of game.

At some point tonight, after I catch up on posts, I'm going to be posting in the game forum a bunch of "Inspirational Pictures and Concepts" to help people along.

The Pink Mohawk 'anything goes' style isn't really what most players immediately default to. Hells, even I had to catch myself when I was writing my character's backstory. A picture and some encouragement can often get people in the right mindset. One of the biggest tenants of a Pink Mohawk game is:

"You don't have to justify anything."

A paper thin flimsy excuse for anything is more than enough to anchor things to the world. Be an internationally famous movie star or rock star. Use a guitar as a weapon. Carry around a bag full of cats you spray with Kamikaze before hurling them at your enemies. Load a Super Soaker with knock out drugs and spray your enemies. Then get it implanted into your arm as a cyber-weapon. Nothing needs to be taken seriously.

Ah those Disney spirits sound radical. I wish I had applied for that game when it was recruiting.

Originally Posted by Lwmons View Post
Ah those Disney spirits sound radical. I wish I had applied for that game when it was recruiting.
They were only around for one post as background 'noise', but it was "The Ink and Paint Club" from Roger Rabbit, but built inside Virtual World Disney in Los Angeles. They were spirits fashioned to look and act like the cartoon characters they represented, and were a (relatively) unique function of the club. They would act like the characters, stretch and flatten and bounce around like them etc.

My character of course relentlessly flirted with Roger Rabbit (and Jessica Rabbit too but that's a different story! She was an actual person in costume not a spirit) and made him do all the 'nervous being flirted with' cartoon tricks, twisting bow tie, steaming collar without a collar on etc. Lol

Depending on whether some people have dropped the game or not (posting has been slow), @Arklytte and I might be looking for a replacement or two at some point.


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