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Discussion about Opportunity Attacks (Trip, Stand Still, Tep Up, etc.)

Discussion about Opportunity Attacks (Trip, Stand Still, Tep Up, etc.)

So, this is an area to discuss about the Opportunity Attacks and the feats or abilities related to that.

This paragraph is how the request for it to be a seperate topic came to be, so if it's not interesting you can skip.
It started out with my question in the quick questions section regarding the different uses of Trip and Stand Still, since I had taken both feats and it seemed to me their situational use overlapped somewhat. The responses cued me in on some details of their use and what their experiences of when and how they are utilized. Shortly after some more info got added on and someone suggested to make this a seperate thread to not clutter up the 'quick questions and answers' thread.

Well, in the last thread I was basically just pointing out the usefulness of Stand Still, which is as much about pinning casters down as stopping people from getting past.

More generally, "AoO tanking" is quite a big thing in D&D 3.5, as it allows a martial character to control the battlefield and to fight spellcasters. If you can get a big reach and a trip weapon (or Stand Still), you can really make it hard for people to move around, which is a big win in a fight with multiple foes, because positioning matters. The other reason it's useful is to stop spellcasters escaping your threatened area so that they can't cast without provoking, which lets you disrupt their casting (though you kind of need Mage Slayer for this, as Defensive Casting DCs are kind of low).

In Pathfinder, I don't think that AoO tanking is quite as easy to do. Pathfinder made Stand Still worse (I guess a CMB check is similar to an attack roll and better sometimes, but adjacent-only really hurts anyone with a big reach), they invented Disruptive and Spellbreaker which are basically like a worse Mage Slayer, and I don't think they have as many AoO-triggering abilities in general (there are a couple of things, like Crane Riposte and IIRC a Barbarian Rage Power which work like Karmic Strike/Robilar's Gambit but are not as good, and there aren't as many of the other things), though they did add Step Up.

In a high-powered 3.5 game I'm in I have a martial character who only (normally) has a 5ft reach but has a shed load of AoO abilities. He gets an AoO when a foe moves through his threatened area, tries to cast a spell (non-defensively) or does some other AoO-provoking ability, as normal. But he has Mage Slayer, so foes can't cast defensively. He also gets an AoO when anyone 5ft steps (Thicket of Blades) or doesn't move (Defensive Sweep) or attacks him (Robilar's Gambit) or, if he uses Defensive Rebuke, attacks someone else, or when a foe uses a Supernatural Ability (Supernatural Instincts).

In a (much lower-level) 3.5 game I'm running, one of the characters is a Goliath Barbarian who grows Large when he Rages - he's using Combat Reflexes and Knockback to throw people around whenever he hits them, and his large reach means that to get to him they usually need to provoke AoOs - and get knocked back again. It makes him really hard to engage in melee, and it's also hard to get past him to get at anyone else.

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