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Trying to make an overpowered druid

Trying to make an overpowered druid

Hello everyone,

I am currently joining in on a new campaign and need help making a character since the characters ive made in the past don't do so well. This is a pathfinder campaign. I'm looking to make a Suli Druid spellcaster who has an allosaurus as a animal companion. I want to make him as over powered as much as possible so i can last more than 5 min in the campaign. The rules he has are below.

1. We are using point buy. (25 points)

2. Full hp at level 1. Roll for remaining levels (We are currently level 11)

3. We have standard 3k gold to spend on equipment.

4. We may have 2 traits to flesh out our characters. We can spend a feat to get 2 more.

Please help me because i have no idea what to do.

The canonical instructions are, I believe "Make a Druid". Job done. However the guide is a good place to start for a less flippant response.

However, I have to question why you would want to make an overpowered Druid. Again, this mightn't necessarily be helpful except that you've stated that your aims to "to last more than 5 minutes" into the game. Since that's typically considered normal, even quite conservative, it sounds like what you actually want is a regular Druid. Or even a weak Druid - just not a Druid so squishy that they will die right away.

How come you only have 3k to spend at L11? This seems like an unusually small amount! Fortunately, Druids are some of the most gear-independent characters around, so it's likely to hurt you a lot less than anyone else - but it's still a bit odd.

3k isn’t “standard” as far as Wealth By Level (RAW).
Use the guide linked above. Adjust stats to raise Con, to help with hp.
Consider mounted-combat feats, to increase viability of your allosaurus.
I hope that helps!

Yeah, to make an underpowered Druid you almost have to try hard to do so lol.
High Wis, Con, take a trait or feat to allow you to speak while in Wildshape and any of the feats related to Wildshape and you should be gtg. Despite the ultimate cheese factor of a dinosaur companion, it alone should handle combat quite well and allow you to nuke spells from afar

If you've had several characters die in the game already, maybe it would be good for you to tell us how they died? It may give some insight as to where your character needs to be strong in. If they all died from Finger of Death for example, there may be a simple solution.

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