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Character help, 5E

Character help, 5E

I'm in a 5e campaign, my first ever, and during yesterday's session I got knocked unconscious twice. I am playing a very squishy sorcerer and I think it's time I build a backup character. But I don't really know how.

I was thinking of maybe converting one of my pathfinder characters, at least in basic concept. The character is a tomboy princess who sneaks out and disguises herself to go adventuring. She's good with a blade, can play several instruments, and knows a little bit of magic. In Pathfinder, I use Swash1/Bard1/VigilanteX to portray this. Is there a class in 5e that can convey the same concept? Homebrew is fine, I just have to run it by the GM for approval. The character is a human.

If biased toward martial skill, you might consider Fighter (Eldritch Knight) or Rogue (Arcane Trickster). Fighter will be more combat-heavy, while Rogue will be more skill-heavy. Both will have a little splash of Wizard-like magic.

If biased toward spellcasting, you might consider Bard (any archetype might work but Valor is the most combat-oriented, I think), Wizard (you might convince the GM to let a Human pass for the Bladesinger archetype), or Warlock (Hexblade will be the most proficient with a weapon).

I wouldn't worry about the instruments and the disguise. The Bard and the Rogue will most likely be the best at these, but you might cover these things with your proficiencies. ^_^

Yes, Bard archetypes are Bard Colleges.

Also, you've linked to an unofficial wikidot website. There's a reason the page has "Please don't shut me down, Wizards!" at the bottom of it. It's also heavily modified, not quite to the point of being Homebrew that uses the same ability names but with some notable differences, like a change in the proficiency gained and using "ER" instead of "AC".

The actual Bladesinger tradition is race restricted to elves.

Originally Posted by Shozurei View Post
Is this what you mean? I don't see anything about racial requirements. And the bard archetype is the College thing?
Well, I was referring to the Bladesinger from Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide splatbook, p.141. There it has the Elves-only restriction.

And yes, Bard archetypes are referred to as Colleges. They give names for archetypes for each class, but they all fall under popular terms like "archetype" or "subclass". Barbarians have Primal Paths, Fighters have Martial Archetypes, Warlocks have Otherworldly Patrons, Wizards have Arcane Traditions, and so on. ^_^

Oh, and if survivability is important, it might be useful to know at what level your character would be.

Most spellcasting classes that dabble in the martial side of things usually have their gish capabilities come online much later - in the early levels, they'd still be very squishy.

The few full casters that might be consistently tough at the early levels would be the Warlock (the Fiend Patron has abilities that toughen him up and the Hexblade can wear medium armor and carry shields) and the Druid (the Circle of the Moon can use Wild Shape to soak damage from 2nd level). And of course, there's the Cleric because they can wear armor - some Clerics can even wear heavy armor and also have other protective abilities. ^_^

I've only been playing a short time, and that site's been the most helpful for finding things so far. Heck, I can only find 2 websites that would even show detailed information for the Eldritch Knight at all and it's one of them.

I searched Bladesinger with Bing and found one that's elf restricted. They're otherwise identical.

I'm at level 3 now and will be at level 4 pretty soon, though I'm not entirely sure when of course. I think I'm leaning towards the Arcane Trickster. It has magic but that's not the sole focus.

The one you linked to says "You gain a bonus to your ER equal to your Intelligence modifier (minimum of+ 1)." and gives Proficiency in Persuasion when the official version gives AC and Performance.

The reason you're not finding much on them random searches is because it's copyrighted information and those websites are not supposed to be posting it. 5e does not have the same kind of SRD as Pathfinder.

Originally Posted by Shozurei View Post
I'm at level 3 now and will be at level 4 pretty soon, though I'm not entirely sure when of course. I think I'm leaning towards the Arcane Trickster. It has magic but that's not the sole focus.
Oh yeah, the Arcane Trickster is nice. It's still primarily a Rogue, though, so you might want to focus on your roguish abilities. I like the Crossbow Expert feat with a Rogue, and carry a hand crossbow - you can now fire crossbows in melee, and fire one more bolt, which is one more chance to land the Sneak Attack.

Careful about spell selection. You have to keep your Int respectable if you plan to land those offensive spells. But you might also dump Int and stick with spells that only boost your abilities (no save DCs or spell attacks to think about). ^_^


I will keep that in mind. Utility spells would probably be best. It even fits the concept. She orders the court wizard to teach her spells, but he refuses to teach anything that could be harmful so her parents won't kill him if they find out. (My Pathfinder version knows a total of 6 spells - Know Direction, Detect Magic, Light, Spark, Cure Light Wounds, and Moment of Greatness.)


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