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Hellknight Hill

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Pathfinder 2e

Age of Ashes

Brief Synopsis

The castle atop Hellknight Hill, Citadel Altaerein, has stood abandoned for years in eastern Isger - a legacy left behind by the Hellknight Order of the Nail that’s largely ignored these days by the populace of the nearby town of Breachill. But when strange signal fires begin to burn atop the citadel’s battlements, a local goblin and friend of Breachill’s citizens begins to worry, for her tribe, the Bumblebrashers, live within the castle. She fears the fires are distress signals, and hopes to attend Breachill’s monthly Call for Heroes to ask for help from a band of local adventurers. As fate would have it, this call for aid comes to your group of heroes, and as a mysterious doom draws near, who could have predicted that such an act of local heroism would eventually lead to the unmasking of one of the most insidious and dangerous conspiracies of the Age of Lost Omens?

Welcome to Breachill

Located in the foothills of the Five Kings Mountains in eastern Isger, Breachill is a thriving town of about 1,300 inhabitants; most are humans, although there are notable populations of dwarves, half-elves, and gnomes here as well. The town predates its most notable landmark, which sits about 1 mile to the northeast, high on low-rising Hellknight Hill: Citadel Altaerein, the foreboding but now-abandoned fortress that was once the home of the Hellknight Order of the Nail.

In years past, Breachill gladly served as a supply source for the Hellknights, who commended the well-ordered peace the town enjoyed. But 8 years ago, when the Order of the Nail fully retreated from Citadel Altaerein in favor of the order’s new home in Varisia, Breachill’s inhabitants simply shrugged, continuing the agriculture, crafting, and bartering that has always sustained them. Now, common wisdom generally recommends avoiding the citadel, which serves as an isolated haven for peaceful groups that don’t want to be disturbed but is also rumored to be overrun with dangerous monsters.

Approaching the Town Council

Breachill’s local government has a long and proud history of hiring adventurers to tackle any challenges its residents face that fall outside the scope of the town guard’s duties. The merchant whose expected shipment of goods hasn’t yet arrived, the shepherd whose herd of goats mysteriously died in the night, the farmer whose entire season’s harvest was ruined or stolen—investigating and resolving any of these matters are considered good jobs for adventurers, and so Breachill’s town council uses its resources to hire heroes as needed. These monthly meetings, known as the Call for Heroes, are distinct from the council’s normal regular governance meetings, a tactic that separates such matters from regular municipal business and shows the townspeople that the council indeed allots sufficient time to the issues that are often most important to them personally.

Spending public money on hiring adventurers to help the townspeople serves several purposes, as far as Breachill’s leadership is concerned. First, it provides the townspeople with an official and fully funded way to seek help when they’ve exhausted all other options. Second, it allows the salaried town guard to focus on run-of-the-mill crimes and mundane threats to the townspeople’s safety. And third, it provides experience to local adventurers—and allows the council to vet out-of-town heroes—whose presence and talents the council considers boons to the populace, harking back to the hero Lamond Breachton, Breachill’s original patron who saved the town’s founders.

The council holds a public Call for Heroes once per month expressly to hear petitions from residents who wish the town to hire adventurers on their behalf. At the end of a resident’s address to the council, the council members discuss the petition before voting whether to expend public funds on it. For petitions that are approved—and most of the one or two requests per month are approved—the council then opens the floor to adventurers in attendance at the meeting who wish to tackle the challenge. Heroes looking for work often attend these meetings with a prepared list of qualifications, and the council hires an appropriate number of candidates who are well suited for each job. After the meeting, the adventurers are expected to follow up regularly with the petitioner and with the council. Those heroes who resolve their assigned challenges are paid handsomely in gold pieces and receive preferential consideration for future official work that might use their demonstrated talents.

At the beginning of the adventure you, the players, are adventurers who plan to attend this month’s Call for Heroes to lobby for work. As such, each player should have a reason for doing so, although your motivations might differ wildly. It’s up to you to decide why you’re planning to approach the council for work.

Before the Call for Heroes

Since the Breachill Town Council has been holding monthly Calls for Heroes for decades, a fair number of local traditions have built up around the event. Many adventurers who plan to lobby for the jobs outlined at the meeting visit Wizard’s Grace, a popular nearby tavern, before the proceedings begin. Some hold traditional toasts for good fortune, some schmooze with the townsfolk in hopes of being hired, and some seek to scope out the other adventurers with whom they might be working—or competing for the jobs at hand.
Wizard's Grace
I plan to have this in place during the application process to be used as a pre-game in-character chat so that the potential players can begin introducing themselves.

Game Description:


This is the first book for Paizo's new adventure path designed for the recently released second edition of Pathfinder.

Posting rate - Relaxed. Looking at around three per week with more frequent being fine, less frequent may become a problem if you aren't keeping up with everyone else.

Seeking four to six players.

Application due date is currently set for 8/23/2019.

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Welp, I guess it's time to learn the new system! Count me interested. And hello everybody!

Hi CookieDelivery, in my experience AP tend to require a lot more time to complete over PbP than life, especially if you take more than 3 player and slower than daily posting rate.

Do you have a method to complete the story in a timely manner or is this supposed to be more of a testing grounds to see how things work out?

Hello. I am submitting for a chance to play. If accepted, I'll be playing a Ranger. As an FYI, by the time this game starts I'll be GMing and playing PF2 with PFS.

My posting rate is fairly high, so "Relaxed" won't be a problem.

Originally Posted by kurzio View Post
Hi CookieDelivery, in my experience AP tend to require a lot more time to complete over PbP than life, especially if you take more than 3 player and slower than daily posting rate.

Do you have a method to complete the story in a timely manner or is this supposed to be more of a testing grounds to see how things work out?
It's a bit of testing the new system, but we will continue as long as the group is enjoying it. I know it's pretty slow, I have played in this format before, though it has been a while.

I’m also interested! I’ll get a submission up as soon as I can.

Originally Posted by Twitchnova View Post
Are you still looking for players?
Yes, application process is still open. Open until the 23rd of this month.


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