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The Fall of Plaguestone

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The Fall of Plaguestone

Legends of the Lost Omens - Forum
Pathfinder 2e

This campaign takes place in Golarion, 4719 AR.

Character creation follows the default rules.

I'm looking for four to five players.

You are all passengers aboard Bort Bargith caravan consisting of multiple wagons, a dwarf trader from the Five Kings Mountains, doing his route from Elidir the capital of Isger to Almas the capital of Andoran. There are faster and easier routes south, but for people trying to avoid Cheliax, it's the safest option.

There are backgrounds that you should consider for the module at the beginning, but you are still free to use the other backgrounds: (only one person in the party can have the Teamster Background)

Game Description:

A PF2 campaign starting with the module The Fall of Plaguestone.

Originally Posted by Hunterindarkness View Post
Been waiting for this one to be posted somewhere.
It's an interesting module with a surprisingly good amount of roleplaying and investigation.

Count me in.

Long time Mythweavers player, long time Pathfinder player. So I'm definitely interested in playing. Would like to avoid working up a player until I'm definitely in.

I will play a Ranger. So that means I would most likely go Refugee, or Teamster. Either one works for me. If go Teamster, I will probably look at playing a Ranger with the buff feats.

It sounds like a good idea to me. If you end up having some inquiries, feel free to ask a question on the forum or send me a PM.

Mmmm. Don't have my book at work, but I've been wanting to try the 2e rules. I'll have to work on this tonight.

AoN is technically available when away from your book but, there are some errors there. I would recommend for now, if you have the book to check it out first.

Soo... while the system is new and my book is still in the mail, I looked at the premise of the adventure and decided that I like it. With the Lesser Scion background being a thing, I wonder if a 'stuffed shirt' of a nobling, who prefers to 'brawl with rapiers' then to attend to any noble pursuits, with the possible exception of hunting, would be a useful addition to the party?

Question: If he has 'Hunting Lore', would that work like a lesser version of Nature/Survival, as long as it pertains to game animals and gaining food by hunting them (including tracking them), as opposed to other animals and foraging for plants and fruits?

Yeah basically, as described in the book it's less than the main skill but can be used as a lower version of them. Hunting Lore can, of course, be used to Earn an Income.

For now, there are only three applicants and they aren't completed yet, so you can feel free to apply with whatever you want.

Do you have room for one more?

I have just purchased pathfinder 2e and I have no idea as yet on character concepts. I am moving across from the dreaded 4e. I am interested in playing a goblin barbarian or a classic dwarf cleric. Do you need one more player?


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