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Lovecraftian science fiction

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Lovecraftian science fiction

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Savage Worlds

4-6 players sought for a game of Eldritch Skies, a game set in a world where all HP Lovecraft's stories really happened but humanity is (slightly) less doomed than he thought it was.

Game Description:

Short pitch

A campaign set in the world of Eldritch Skies, which is a game of Lovecraftian science fiction where the player characters are agents of a UN branch responsible for facing Mythos threats in a near-future where sorcery and aliens are commonly accepted to exist but are still every bit as inexplicable and dangerous. In particular, the player characters will be a team of agents traveling through space, exploring new worlds and dealing with extraterrestrial threats.

Long pitch

Back in the day, if you had a run-in with a nightgaunt or some cranky Hound of Tindalos, you were looking at spending the rest of your life in an insane asylum, because no one wanted to believe you about how the universe really worked. Well, that's all behind us now - this is the modern, enlightened year of 2030, and we've gotten practical about these things. We know that mi-go have visited Earth and that deep ones living in the oceans, and we've managed to co-exist with both so far. We know that it's possible to build machines that lets you travel through the "space between spaces" - or hyperspace, as we call it these days - along with a lot of other cool effects. And as for psychics, well, everyone's fine with those these days, especially since most of us use psi-links to access the Internet anyway.

Of course, the devil's in the details. The public doesn't need to know exactly how lousy hyperspace is with godlike tentacled abominations that would consider a young species like ours a light snack. They don't need to know just how vast the mi-go empire is, or that mi-go science can do things that should by rights be impossible. They definitely don't need to know about whatever is sleeping beneath the ice on Europa, or what happened the last time we accidentally woke it up. Or about the yithians that could hijack their bodies at any moment. Or about Cthulhu - no, he isn't literally sleeping at the bottom of the ocean until the stars are right, but he's very real and the hyperspatial prison the elder ones put him in won't hold him forever. And the less questions they ask about why most of the planets we've started exploring have a ton of alien ruins on them but no aliens, and just what that implies for our own long-term chances of survival, the better everyone will sleep at night.

That's where we come in - the Office of Paranormal Security. We keep the really scary, crazy crap in check so that regular people don't have to find out about it. We keep over-ambitious sorcerers and scientists from stirring up things they don't know how to put back down. We go out into the unknown and head off the dangers before they make it to Earth. We've got the tech, we've got the budget, we've got the expertise, and we've got the regular psych exams to make sure nothing's crawled into our brains and turned us into traitors to the human race.

We're the first line of defense. There isn't always a second one. Do you have what it takes to stand with us?

Rules and practicalities

The campaign will use the Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorer Edition. It will also use the Eldritch Skies core rulebook, though I've made some changes, mainly to the way that magic works. It will not be necessary to have a copy of Eldritch Skies to play in the campaign, since the setting is fairly easy to understand, but owning at least some edition of Savage Worlds will probably be necessary.

I will be needing 4-6 players, and places will be given on a first-come-first-served basis. One position might already be filled.

Please read the Character creation notes thread under Setting rules before you start making your character. Also feel free to ask me any questions you might have.

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Originally Posted by SilverSlash View Post
So how do I sign up? I'd like to play in this game!
There's a link to the game forums at the top of the advertising post: Where Giants Once Tread - Forum click that, I think

Sounds great, not a Savage Worlds expert but i know enough to throw my hat in

Originally Posted by Alcedin View Post
SCP x Cowboy Bebop?
... yeah, now that you mention it, I suppose that's pretty much it. Though I was thinking of it more like The Laundry IN SPACE!!!

Originally Posted by SilverSlash View Post
So how do I sign up? I'd like to play in this game!
Like Suzuki Stumpy said, click on the Where Giants Once Tread - Forum link, then on Game Forum. Post your character in a new thread in the Player characters subforum.

Will you allow the use of Archetypes?

Originally Posted by Shdwrnnr View Post
Will you allow the use of Archetypes?
You mean, the premade characters from the rulebook? Sure, as long as they otherwise follow the rules.

Awesome! It's Torchwood in America!

I haven't actually read any of the Lovecraft stories, is that a problem? Should I play a newbie maybe?

Originally Posted by Moondragon007 View Post
Awesome! It's Torchwood in America!
Torchwood in outer space, technically.

Originally Posted by Moondragon007 View Post
I haven't actually read any of the Lovecraft stories, is that a problem? Should I play a newbie maybe?
I doubt it'll be a problem. The main things known to people in the setting are:
  • There's a freaky race of aliens called the mi-go. We trade with them sometimes. At the moment they're slightly technologically superior to us, but we'll catch up within a few more decades.
  • There's a sentient aquatic species called deep ones who are closely related to humanity. They live in the ocean and we don't see them much.
  • Several alien species (yithians, cthulhoids, elder ones, etc) have lived on Earth in prehistoric times, but they all either left or went extinct before our time. They left behind ruins with some cool relics in them.
  • Techno-sorcery is a thing and lets you summon weird creepy-crawley things, open gateways to Mars and look into other dimensions. It requires fully stocked labs and lots of expensive equipment to use.
  • Psychic powers are real, though they work better on some people than on others.
  • We're using a techno-sorcery device called the dragonfly drive to achieve faster-than-light speeds and explore the galaxy.
  • The OPS is the UN-funded organisation that's in charge of dealing with all of the above, in particular by enforcing the DTT (Dangerous Technology Treaty) that regulates the use of techno-sorcery, psychic powers and alien relics.

Much of this is partially true or downright inaccurate, but you can discover that for yourself as you go. A hindrance like Clueless or Doubting Thomas would work nicely to represent being a callow newbie who's just being let in on a number of upsetting truths.


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