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Welcome to DragonClaw Securities

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Welcome to DragonClaw Securities

Welcome to DragonClaw Security - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Hello everyone!

So yeah, I've decided to run a game.

I would love it if every player could make it once a week or more often.


Game Description:

"Listen up squad! Today is your first day of work for DragonClaw Security. I'm sure things are still confusing for all of you. All of you are here because you want to create a better world. Let us update you on the current situation." A young black man in a business suit and sunglasses typed on a computer, and suddenly the image of a young bearded man of Arabic descent showed on the screen.

"This is a man named Ahmed Amirmoez. Or more accurately, all evidence available to us points to this being a shapeshifter impersonating him, an Ifrit to be precise. The original Ahmed was the son of a wealthy family from a country named Qatar. He inherited the family fortune after a "accident" befell his "parents" and went on to found a successful corporation named DjinniTech." As the man spoke, the image of the target was reduced to a corner, and an round map of the Earth appeared, showing where Qatar was. A logo representing a Djiinn appeared. "DjinniTech cornered several markets, it is the leader in arms manufacture worldwide, both for the civilians and military markets, the leader in consumer goods... Most civilian technology is made at least in part by DjinniTech, and a lot of illegal technologies are also made by DjinniTech." A few recently introduced weapons, smartphones, computers, cars, planes were then shown briefly. "DjinniTech also owns the Shadow Company, a private security contractor. They're trying to get contracts with the military and law enforcement for tasks, and in some countries they run private prisons and a police auxiliaries." The Shadow Company insignia, an SMG and a sword crossed with each other, showed on screen, along with many promotional pictures showing Shadow company mercenaries wearing gas mask posing in front of various military hardware, including but not limited to transport trucks, tanks helicopters and aircraft. "All of you have had a run in with the Shadow company and came up on top, which is why we got extremely interested in you and made you an offer to join us. This DjinniTech, and the Shadow Company by extension, are a weapon for the Ifrit to take over the world. And we, DragonCorps, are there to stop them."

A new picture showed on screen, of a clearly African woman, dressed in a business suit, wearing sunglasses, and brown hair cut in a no-nonsense cut. "This is our leader. The official story is that she is one of the numerous refugees from one of the many conflicts in Africa, and arrived in Europe through a charity offering scholarship for refugees, Despite suffering from amnesia, she graduated from a prestigious Swiss business school and created DragonCorps... The screen showed the logo of a stylized Gold Dragon surrounded by a circle. "through some early investors. She proceeded to poach the top engineers and scientists, as well as former military personnel, and DragonCorps became the world leader in experimental research, from extremely secure banking through quantum encryption, aerospace projects, to experimental medicine, and even has some lucrative private security deals. The real story is that she's a Gold Dragon who was dropped in Africa with her hoard, and she put her charisma and shapeshifting to good use to recruit a force to be reckoned with. Of course, most of DragonCorps breakthroughs have been done through mixing magic and technology. And DjinniTech cornered the market on consumer goods because they have use undead labor for many tasks. You don't have to pay zombies salaries, food, or even decent living conditions. This is how they are cornering the market on everything that doesn't require cutting edge technomagic." The man marked a pause, and typed on some keys on his laptop. Images of gangs, militias and even swarms of undead being eliminated by small squads with no unit markings showed on screen. "Now, you are part of the Department 7 of DragonClaw Security. Our black ops branch. We will be observing how you handle routine missions against low threats, and if you perform well enough, you could expect a few field promotions!"

Okay, well, this is an Urba Arcana Black Ops game using a D&D 5 Homebrew, and a lot of D20 Modern sourcebooks converted to 5th edition.

The homebrew isn't mine, but I still loved it a lot, ad here it is:https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0Byx44op3KqQ2flhIV1pKSzRIbFBtbjk4T0xOTlNzVi0yTEpRREV4ZnZCNjJWd25GOFR5VW8

As for the players, I would like between 3-5 well meaning PCs, every PHB race accepted, but humans would start not knowing much about magic, while D&D residents would not know much about technology at first. I plan on running a mini adventure for each characters to show how they managed to catch DragonClaw Security's interest. I would like a mixed squad, that is half humans and half non-humans. I will use a special attribute generation i found and loved, which requires us to have the full squad there.

As for the books, I'll use a sourcebook known as Blood And Guts, for field promotions, distinctions and lading a (few) small tactical squads in battle, and a sourcebook centered on drugs so don't be surprised if many enemies do better than their stats indicate, they're probably using performance enhancing drugs. I won't stop your characters from using them, but these drugs have some pretty nasty side effects and addictions can become nasty real fast...

The campaign will end when your team will locate and assault the stronghold of the Ifrit passing as Ahmed Amirmoez. Once he'll be dead, we'll be running an epilogue where what happens to your characters and major NPCs will be explained.

Also, at some point in the campaign, golem based cybernetics will become available. Just letting you know.

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Originally Posted by Goredawn1722 View Post
So do you have a template for making characters that we can use.
What do you mean by "a template"?

It's basically a way to organize character information using format codes and other things that Mythweavers have. It's handy to have but really if you build a sheet, it's just a fancy way of putting sheet information into something that looks pretty and without some basic experience in how the different codes work. You'll find making a template is very time consuming

This some what reminds me the movie Bright, on Netflix. Human cop and his half-orc partner trying to bring in wand that a rogue group of elves want to use to resurrect a Dark Lord.... Anyways, with this advanced magi-tech environment could I make the argument for a Warforged?

Warforged, why not? It's gonna be a bit harder to recover HP ad to get fixed up following serious damage (you're gonna need another line of spells that are gonna be a mage line, and mechanical tool proficiency will be used instead of surgical tool proficiency if you tale serious damage from a critical hit or being reduced to 0 hp, and you won't be able to use painkillers), but you won't need food or water and the heat and cold will affect you less...

In 5e they had gotten rid of the separate line of healing spells that 3.5 had but I could still us HD to heal and I would guess tinkering tools proficiency would help

The only race I've found so far are robots. Are you gonna be adding them, or are they already there and I'm just not seeing them?

Basically, I'm using the races from D&D 5th edition as they are (the proficiencies are the only thing that can get somewhat weird, so I'll be flexible with them.), and the Warforged have been adapted for 5th E.

You can check them here.


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