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Quick questions and answers

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Is there a trait that increases attack bonus, at expense of anything?
Brawler does, but it's pretty bad.

That's unarmed though, I'm using axe (or 2 actually)

You could try taking a meaningless flaw to get a worthwhile feat. Though if this is for your arena game everyone is going to have decent to hit (since most of that comes from stats) but extremely low AC (as AC is almost solely a factor of equipment, and you set WBL at about 2% of the normal value... yes, 49 times less). So you shouldn't have any trouble hitting anyways.

This is for another game, I'm using a double-axed human fighter, with 2-weapon-specialization and weapon focus(battleaxe), flaws are not allowed, traits are. So, anything to improve my hitchance that gets lowered with double-wielding?

Edit: I messed up, apparantly, the one that I've applied with double-axe hasn't answered flaws and traits, the other one I didn't apply yet did

Exotic Weapon Master will lower the penalties for TWF'ing by 1. Tempest will get rid of the penalties altogether.

Where can I find the average starting wealths for different levels?

Originally Posted by avenger92 View Post
Where can I find the average starting wealths for different levels?
DMG page 135.

Can a character use gloves AND gauntlets at the same time? (in terms of wondrous items)

I'd say no. They both occupy the 'hands' slot. That being said, if a character had both magical gloves AND a magical suit of armor that came with gauntlets, I wouldn't make them choose. Though I wouldn't let them enchant the gauntlets.

I'll keep asking questions
Which book is shock trooper in?
Can I do Flurry of Blows with Sneak Attack?
Is there a feat that lets me use exotic weapons for Flurry of Blows?
Can a level 20 druid stay in Huge Elemental form forever?


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