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Quick questions and answers

I'm building a gestalt beguiler with daring outlaw swashbuckler on the other side. Are there any nice low level ray spells that she can deliver sneak attack with? Hopefully with another effect joined on. I'm really looking for something along the lines of chill touch but with ranged touch to deliver it.

I know about the meta magic feat that lets you deliver touch spells as ranged touch but then I've got to look into arcane preparation or sudden metamagic. Sacrificing two feats and a class feature doesn't quite seem worth it compared to using ray of frosts.

IIRC, there's a prestige class called Spellwarp Sniper... It allows you to change ANY low level spell into a ray. You want sneak attack damage on your Chill Touch? You got it.

EDIT: Complete Scoundrel, p64
Sorry, only spells with 'instantaneous duration and a range greater than touch'. Goodbye Chill Touch (unless you have Arcane Reach...)

Any way to increase a spell-like ability from 1/day to maybe 3 or more? By feats or anything?

Magic in the Blood is a [Regional] feat from Players Guide to Faerun that lets you do exactly that.

I forgot what this monster from 3.5 is called: it's a large wolf or cat that can peel the skin back from its skull. What the hell is that thing again?

Yeah, that's it. Thanks!

D&D 3.5e

Alright, here is a quandary: Can an Assassin cast [Assassin] spells in light armor without suffering from ASF? It says that they cast spells just as a Bard does, and a Bard can do so. It doesn't say anything about it, though. Unless there is something in Errata or somewhere. Just something I was wondering. Thanks.

4e question.

With the Sorcerous Blade Channeling feat, a sorcerer can use any ranged sorcerer attack power as a melee attack if using a dagger. Does this mean he can use Acid Orb or Dragonfrost as a melee basic?

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