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Interest in a Pathfinder Psionic Game?

I think I might make it a spheres entirely game, however the assumption would that everyone is psionic and thus of course can use psionic feats and such, gain psionic focus.

In my mind I would not use the psionics tradition, but rather a variety of psionic sub-traditions. The only one that I can see relying on emotional casting would actually be the wilder. Which could be recreated, interestingly enough, by the thaumaturge.

Good call. I had been thinking of the Eliciter, but that's more of an Empath.


Originally Posted by WarriorPriest View Post
I'm formulating the setting in my mind.
Well, yeah. Where else would you formulate a psionics setting?


Just posting to say that I also quite enjoy Spheres. Super flexible (without being ridiculously OP), and as has been noted, can easily be fluffed to Psionic.

A psionic Spheres game definitely has my interest.

Honestly, I for one would rather use DSP than Spheres. Spheres is OK and all, as third-party goes, but to me at least it's not the super-amazing thing that a lot of people seem to think it is. There are numerous issues with it, and whilst it offers some options that "real" Psionics don't, it also doesn't offer some things that they do. Really I feel that at that point, you're not playing a psionics game at all, you're playing a Spheres game (with a bit of refluffing). You could just as easily use regular first-party PF and say the Sorcerer is a Wilder, the Wizard is a Psion, etc.

Using Psionic feats and Psionic Focus and stuff with Spheres is an interesting idea, but how would that work? For stuff like Psionic Weapon, sure, it's all self-contained, but what about things that require you to spend PP? How would something like Overchannel work, or Psionic Endowment - would the bonus apply to a Sphere ability? In order to become Psionic I can take Wild Talent, but then I get bonus PP which have nothing to do with Spheres-based Psionics (and indeed Spherecasters won't actually have an PP). You could probably make it work, but I'd expect there to be a couple of rough edges.

Anyway, Spheres is OK, but for what it's worth that's a vote in favour of DSP. DSP stuff has its flaws but still tends to be a shade better than Spheres IMO (well actually I think Psionics > PoW > Spheres of Power > Spheres of Might, which is honestly a bit of a mess, but all of them are better than what seems to be typical for third party/homebrew).


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