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Granny Ethel Rotten - Human - Swarm Monger Druid

Granny Ethel Rotten - Human - Swarm Monger Druid

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Granny Ethel Rotten

Granny knows best, my duckies. You'll behave if you know what's good for you.

BasicsName: Granny Rotten
Age: 74
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Class: Putrefactor Witch//Swarm Monger Druid
Primary Role: Battlefield Control
Secondary Role: Support





Additional Information

Granny Rotten

This text describes what is happening.

"This text describes what Granny is saying, duckie."

This text describes what Granny is thinking, you ungrateful little brat.

And that's all she wrote, folks. This is Granny Ethel Rotten, the cackling old minder from Kovak Finishing School who is absolutely not a swarm of rats in a trench coat dedicated to a god of pain and rot.

One minor mechanical question is the interaction between Infestation of Entropy from Putrefactor Witch, and Fecund Familiar from Swarm Monger. I'd be happy if both abilities applied to a single familiar, making a super Rat. If you'd rather Granny have two familiars, I'd make the Witch Familiar a rat, and the Druid Familiar a raven.

God its just really simple but I kind of love it. For some reason I have a soft spot for old adventurers and the idea of this creepy older school mistress accompanying all these youngins on the weirdest field trip ever is too entertaining to me. Overall though its a very thematic character. It might be weird to accept two Witch|Druid gestalts but Ill be damned if it doesn't just ooze flavor and I love that.

As for the mechanical question I see no reason at all why they couldn't both just apply to the same creature. Your rat would be both your animal companion and your familiar.

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