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Animal Companions and Familiars have archetypes specific to them. Charger is one for companions.

So there's no reason I shouldn't be able to use this feat while mounted. Good.

@Shozurei. Worst Case Scenario: Just take the Trample feat. Charge Through allows an Overrun as a free action as part of a charge, Trample allows you to use Overrun on a mount (no feat required to use a mount to charge)


How thick of an area can I get with 'alchemical cement' per application? It's vague about the results and im trying to build a 'jello mold' style trap where a bunch of grenade like objects fall from the cieling into a room with a sand and alchemic powder floor and mixes with water and then over the course of a minute you're pinned due to pressure and then solidified in place.

Was mixing it with 10 applications of impact foam per 10 foot squared ; 1 use of foaming power + 1 gallong of water per 50 cubic feet. But the cement doesn't have the specifics for me...


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