Mahora High Week 4: What's Lost, and Whose found? - Page 10 - Myth-Weavers

Mahora High Week 4: What's Lost, and Whose found?

Khaela Paratresh
Guts: +1 • Strange: +1 • Brainpwr: +1 Sense: -1 • Manip: +2 • Emp: +0

Obligation: +0
Standing: [ ] [ ] [ ]
Experience: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

[ ][ ] Worried - Terrified (Guts)
[ ][ ] Insecure - Worthless (Strangeness)
[ ][ ] Tired - Exhausted (Brainpower)
[ ][ ] Confused - Delirious (Sense)
[ ][ ] Sad - In Despair (Manipulation)
[ ][ ] Frustrated - Enraged (Empathy)
[ ][ ] In Pain - Wounded (All)


Khaela lets out an aggrieved sigh at Luna's continued line of questioning on a trite misunderstanding and perceived loss of freedoms but it was Ayame which cut her to the chase. Addressing matters in order she looks to Arashi to affirm his idea "Please do, it doesn't matter what the goal is, we'll not achieve it if we don't come out of it unscathed from it"

That topic tended too she turned back towards the others "Ayame is exactly right on the matter, there is better use of our time then to work through whatever misunderstandings have been borne today. It is enough to know each of our roles in the coming exchange." that said she turned to look at the aged wolf, who really needed to speak more clearly but he got his point well decently enough "Your words hold wisdom but they don't acknowledge our lack of time to discover more information, we shall simply have to cope with what we have at hand. Unless anyone else has any more knowledge to share?" she let the question hang in the aif for anyone to pick up and answer.

Ayame Kawagichi
Noble Leash

"Don't overvalue yourself wyrmling," Morris replied with a low, soft chuckle, "Your power could exceed it one day, but you are still far from what your kind can become and a spirit of the forest will not fall so quickly. If it did, any help you could give would be meaningless. The Raiju will be here soon, but you must watch it, learn and wait until it gives an opening." He stated plainly, not particularly carrying how harsh his words were so long as they were heard, nor truly carrying if any but Ayame headed his advice.

"God-killer?" Ayame asked after a moment, having now heard the term for a second time, even if the two words partially explained themselves

"Humans that have made a deal with a "Kami" for the power to kill other immortal spirits." He informed simply, gazing in the chameleons' direction with a mildly bored curiosity.


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