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Don't play as much as I used to, but I can play fun decks!! Just your run of the mill 10/9 lifesteal weapon and a handful of non-rogue class cards I was 7 deep into Fatigue (mostly due to a stolen Mana Tide Totem), but the weapon kept healing back to full..

Well done. And if it was vs jabberwok, I extra applaud you.

I think I like this Brawl. Not sure the below is really all that good. But got me the win/ pack in my first game. Vs a Priest - I only saw an early Northshire Cleric (and shadowvision copy). That I later Frostbolted and used the 3,4 on the other.

I went with 20 cards (and so 10 shadowvision / copy cards got added in).

I could see Rogue being very good. A second backstab(s) and/or Coin(s) into VanCleef.

Pick a Champ for at least 1 free pack. (after Tournament ends)


June 28 through July 1 - 2018 HCT Summer Championship.


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