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Definitely has some potential. I'd expect, given your setting and remarks on the nonexistent crime rate, that class choices would be somewhat curtailed (Rogues aren't going to be here). You seem to be aiming for two classes; warrior and mage, however you finagle those two. As long as you're up front about what specific classes are allowed (Even if only two classes are allowed), you'll have less grief in the long run during character creation.

If they have to ask about it, it's probably not going to fly.

I could see a character with the rogue class, played as an agent and security troubleshooter. The trait gives free proficiency in the main weapons, and even then, some multi-classing, or more martial rogue archetypes might be in play.

Certainly always fascinated. Would it be gestalt as many of your things are? I really like the concept as a broad thing too as it provides a chance for players to inform the world as much as the world informs them, which is one of my favorite things; worldbuilding while playing, in a way.

However, when I saw Drakkensteed mentioned, I got to admit, I really got excited for a moment as its one of my favorite things. Something about the design always resonated with me, so much part of my long ongoing fantasy worldbuilding was partially built out of a desire to have a setting where dragons where a common category used for stuff. I mean...

That's damn good art!

As for digs, prehistoric beasts are interesting, and perhaps animated fossils could be an enemy type even, remnants of old power that seep into the world and animate them, threatening dig crews and requiring armed response. Some could even be prehistoric beasts that just happen to get caught up in the magic.


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