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How to make a better Character.

Originally Posted by TheFred View Post
This is true, but also I would point out the art style of the picture. I like the picture, actually, but the human-with-furry-ears thing is very reminiscent of anime - whereas in Pathfinder and some folklore, kitsunes are foxes who can turn into humans, and they look like normal humans. Now actually, I don't think this matters much myself - it's just a picture, and maybe those ears are symbolic? But it might put someone off. It might even just depend on what mood they're in.
All true, and I intended for that point to only be considered together with the rest of the advice given in this thread.

Originally Posted by Veradux View Post
The whole "nobody likes furry characters" is a bit overblown here. Character image matters more than character race in a lot of circumstances, and these two use the same non-fur image. Plus, we have a player who applies to every single game he can using only furry races and very, very furry character images. I've even seen him homebrew furry races. He gets into a lot more games than you'd expect. It'll turn off most DMs - and turn on one or two - but is not usually a deciding factor.
Yeah, and I never said it's "nobody", either. Obviously some people do, I've just noticed that those who don't like them, really dislike them.

Eh, I am not a massive fan myself, but for those ones which are actually fairly vanilla Pathfinder races, it's no weirder than elf or goblin or something IMO.

Good day everyone. I've added to other new application that I did following all the tips and indication that I could. If you want to take a look and see how I did and if there are other mistake or repeating one that I didn't realize. Yes one is still a kitsune. Reason for that is simply that it's a race that I intent 'to make my own'(I think that's the expression)

For the other one, I just finished it a few minute ago so I still need to go thru the reading it a second time before I can say that it's 'good' gammaticaly.

Sorry if it's premature but I just got excited.

Have a great day all.

And I hope that this thread still help other people too.


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