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Hello World!

Hello World!

Hi everyone! I came here from Rondak's portal, which is pretty much dead. A friend named Curvis recommended it to me, so here I am! I'm looking for Pathfinder, 5e dnd, and some white wolf stuff. I have no life but college, so I'll probably be reliable. Hope to talk with more of you soon!

good morning and welcome. PF, 3.5 and 5E are our most popular games, usually drawing 10-20 applicants per game. However, we do have a MW PFS Chapter and there are also Adventure League games going on. WoD pops up occasionally. But make yourself at home, check out what else is going on here. If there are other games you see that you know nothing about, I'd encourage you to ask about them. I've come across some incredibly awesome games in the past 2 years that I knew nothing about, and have totally taken over my list of things I'd like to play, or run.

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