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GD6: 5-16 Sanctum of the Sages (DotS part 3) [3-7]

Sorry, but RL is about to get real busy for the next 6-9 months and I am pretty sure I will not be able to keep up. I would have liked to finish out the three part series, but it's not in the cards this year. Good luck brave society members!

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up, I am going to have to likely withdraw from this event. I recent fell ill and as a result will likely not have the same time or energy to keep up with my commitments. I appreciate the opportunity to play with everyone on here, and hope everyone has a great time moving forward.

Thanks for letting us know.

If we don't get any other signups, we can run it with a pregen. Any thoughts about which one you would like?

Hello all!
If it is not too late, I'd be happy to join.
My first choice for the character would be:
Ptehp - 1/2 Orc (Sandkin) Warpriest of Selket (Osiriani deity of Embalming, Healing, and Scorpions) - level 4
As smart as he is charismatic (7 Int 7 Cha) Ptehp is towering Osiriani 1/2 Orc, wielding his Scorpion Whip, and wearing Full Plate & Shield even in the desert.
Plays mainly as a tank w. okay AC and good auto-healing, just moves into the fray to take blows...

If I am okay to play, and this character is okay, I can give all demanded info'.

Question: do we rebuild with those Mythic changes from the get-go, or prepare for doing so during the game?

Will give all

Still heaps of time.

You get the mythic changes from the start (but just for this adventure), so it is best to take the time now to apply them as they can get a little complex sometimes.

Okay, checked it out (added the Init, HP, Heroic Dodge & Resilience... ; and read the rest and will note it all down when we start).

Alright. I have a game folder created now, so head on over and put in your details, and sign up to the various threads.

The folder is here

If it's not too late, I have this pesky little gnomish alchemist who might be up for this...


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