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Monthly Challenge suggestion box

Sorry, folks. I took December off due to holidays, and then the new baby has been here to make the last three months somewhat chaotic. I'll have one up for April.

Suggestion: Convert a well known historical or fictional event into a generic encounter, complete with DCs, stats, etc. Points given for style, thoroughness of the conversion, and usability.

Example: Moby Dick: Notable NPC (and a crazy fortune teller/mystic assistant) is obsessed with catching and killing some larger than average monster. PC's are forced by circumstance to cooperate. Come up with the nature of the whale, why the PC's must cooperate. How the PC's could escape the situation, change the NPC's mind, kill or capture the monster, etc.

Other possibilities for conversion:
  • Defending the Pass at Thermopylae.
  • David usurping the kingdom from Saul.
  • Brutus and co-conspirators maneuvering Caesar into a situation where he may be assassinated without reprisal.
  • Macbeth regaining his fathers throne
  • Aeneas' escape from Troy and journey to Italy
  • Oddysseus.
  • The Lewis & Clark expedition
  • Diary of Anne Frank (or other stories of escaping and enduring Nazi brutality).

Some of these would probably require more or less effort than others, trying to adopt the entirety of the Odyssey would be far more difficult than a simple encounter involving the creation and maintenance of a hiding place in the attic. But that is part of why the selection of an event to convert is part of the challenge.

I liked Genuine's idea. It would be interesting to see some of the more difficult events (I am think of post-Napoleonic battles) translated into an RPG setting (be it an actual colonial setting or a standard Elf/Dwarf/Orc fantasy setting).

At any rate, is there a possibility of us getting an official April Challenge in the next few days?

Hmmm... Napoleonic battles - that's not a bad idea. Elves are brits, Americans are Half-elves, French are humans, Russians Dwarves (with a fair amount of stereotypical Tolkenesque setting mixed in). Make the the PC's the operators of a smuggling/privateer ship trying to navigate the fact that they can't really legally land anywhere but their home port. Could be fun. Brits feel like they own the seas, they aren't legally allowed to land anywhere in Europe, American privateers are getting irritable, etc.

I look forward to it.

I have been considering a challenge idea. This is a bit larger than some of the others (from what I have read) and I am not sure if there are enough people to even get this off of the ground. Please note that I have not thought this through in its entirety, I am merely making suggestions which we can take and run with...

World-Building to Completion
This is actually a series of challenges, taken one at a time, that will ultimately combine into a fully fleshed out world/campaign setting. It starts out with a challenge to conceptualize the beginning of a world in its most basic form; geography. This may include illustrations/maps/etc. but does not include specifics like names or maybe not even geographical landforms such as rivers or forests. At the end of the challenge, the participants vote on which one they believe has the most POTENTIAL.

That then becomes the basis for the next challenge...creating a fully fleshed out map/geography. Again, the participants vote on the product with the most POTENTIAL.

Next challenge may be political or racial boundaries, pantheon, history, etc. The process is exactly the same for each challenge; participants vote on the product which offers the most POTENTIAL.

In the end, everyone has contributed to something grandiose created through friendly competition and collaboration.


Interesting, I'm definitely in on this one, if it gets off the ground!

It would be like one of those "choose your own adventure" books; the winning product of each mini-challenge becomes the basis for ALL participants of the next round, so that they can each look at the parameters they've been given and say "what would I do with this?"

Makes you wonder just how different the worlds could be...

One could attempt to convert the entirety of Journey to the West into a campaign. It's very neatly packaged into 81 encounters in the first place, for starters.


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