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Storms over Kelerak, Part I

Easy enough to do, methinks. I'll let you know when I hit 70 pages and how much more needs to be done. Whilst I think of it, if there is any additional data on Aldran giants that you've thought of, and either never got around to incorporating into the site or just weren't happy enough with it to do so, please pass it on. Because Eruna is Africa, they qualify as the last of the "Big Five" of that continent (the others being Cloud Giants, Minotaurs, Nemedenes {nee Goliaths; sing. Nemedene} and Risarvinnae) and as a WoF original, including more information on them would be great.

I love that idea, but I have no other info on them than what's in the monster entry.

Then I'll improvise a couple of bits for those long-lost cousins of the Farlandish (Belendalish?) Aldrans then and run them by you for confirmation.

That sounds awesome.

The morning could not come soon enough, least of all for Aidan. He had spent most of the night trying to improvise either a splint or a half-crutch, or both, from part of the cart, so he would not have to put all his weight on his bad leg. In the process, he suspected he had received enough wooden splinters to make a whole new cart just for him. Perhaps a curse was in effect, he had no way to tell.

His mood did not improve much when they resumed their journey. Over Aidan's polite objections, the oracle had chosen to walk with them, negotiating the confines of the cave and the rough path outside both with a surety that belied his blindness. For a while, he spent time in esoteric conversation with a weary-but-interested Brokk, apparently on the subject of divination, then he drifted back over to the paladin as they passed through a thick copse of young birches.

"Oh come now, don`t look so glum!" he chastised, the intended severity of his tone ruined by the underlying, ever-present laughter. "You aren`t cursed to death. Just pain and misery. Heshtail will see you through that. You reaffirmed yourself to His Mercy, did you not?"

Aidan's suspicions deepened further, to match the gloom about them. "And how do you know about that?"

"I told you, I see everything. Even if I didn`t, you woke up half of Arden doing that. Even sleepy Daven will perk up to the story of a mad elf shouting to the gods watch your step now in the middle of the night."

"Half-elf and wait what, watch my-?" Aidan started to interrupt, only to stumble over a sudden dip in the ground. "I suppose you saw that too?"

"Hmm? Oh nonsense, tripped over that bit myself many a time! This road has a habit of catching you unawares. Even me, and I`ve been walking it for...oooh. I`m sure Hoth Tarran was still alive when I first came this way. Sixty years? Wait. Might have been just after Tarran was replaced by Zelliros. Or was it Ashraw who killed him?"

As the oracle muttered over his distant history, Aidan groaned and, not wanting to be caught out by the road again, turned his attention to it fully. Too late, as it happened, as an overhanging branch that Embla had pushed aside chose that moment to whip back into its usual place. The unfortunate half-elf let out a muffled cry as it caught him full in the face.

"What was-oh that!" the oracle's head moved to follow the offending branch. "Aidan, you`re taller than I thought. Don`t worry, I`ll look out for you. Come on now."

Rubbing his forehead, spitting out a leaf, and quietly pondering the merits of burning the entire copse down, Aidan obediently stepped behind the blind man and followed carefully.

Great little interlude. Hey, think we can shorten the parts we release and have one ready for June 15?

Yup. I can do that. Initial reason I went for Parts I-III on 'Mists of Daven' was for a three-part release anyway.


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