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Not So Royal Greetings

Not So Royal Greetings

Hello folks, ain't this nice weather we're having? What? It's raining fire and brimstone out there? Perfect!

Anyways, nice to meet everyone, I'm Aard (or Alex, take your pick), and I've been roleplaying and playing tabletop games for about ten years now. I've never combined the two (at least in this sort of format), so this would be a new experience for me, but I'm more than happy to learn. I've been looking for something like this for a while, so it should be interesting. In the real world, I'm an author currently looking to get published, though whether or not I'm any good or not is up to the readers to decide (and of course my fellow roleplaying lunatics). As for hobbies outside of gaming, roleplaying, and roleplay gaming, I'm a bit of a plane enthusiast and I have a potentially unhealthy fascination with tea. Seriously, if you want to get me rambling, either start talking about World War Two aircraft or the various forms of Chinese oolongs (just make sure to pull up a chair and a stiff drink first).

Regardless, I look forward to roleplaying with everyone. Have a good one.

G'day from another newcomer. And since you mention planes, do you have any favourite WW2 fighters or fighter-bombers?

Welcome @KingAardvark1st! There's a definite transition between at the table experience and Play by Post that can require a bit of adjustment, and the basics are covered here. If you have questions about site mechanics you can ask in Site Discussion, and game-related can be asked in either Gaming Discussion or GM Workshop.

There is also the Myth Weavers Discord Server if you're looking for more rapid conversation and question answering.

So, WWII fighters, hm? The only reason I'm not helping with restoration of WWII planes right now at the Kalamazoo Air Zoo is I don't have time! Right now they're working on a Dauntless dive bomber that got pulled out of Lake Michigan from a training crash during the war.

I'll make sure to give those basics a good read through.

As for planes, my favorite would probably have to be the wacky Dornier Do 335 "Pfiel", though I've always had a bit of a soft spot for the Spitfire. Also, that's super cool Colin. I used to volunteer at Planes of Fame before college got in the way. It's really cool living near a place where you'll occasionally hear a genuine Zero with its original engine or the N9M flying wing fly over.

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