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VtM 5th playtest packet

VtM 5th playtest packet


I was trying to get the playtest packets, it's all in my cart all right...but nothing happens when I try to check the stuff out...anybody with the same problem?


it said it's free, so I just wanted to see what V5 looks like

I'd try the contacts page or forums there, then, rather then just asking anyone on the Internet.

I usually reserve that for the second step, and as step one ask if anybody had the same kind of problem. This looked like a likely place to ask.

Tired to get the packs directly off the website myself as well. Couldnt figure it out either. I just went over to DriveThru and got them. Both the player and the storyteller packs are bundled together in a single item over there. Still free.

I'll try there, thanks.

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