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Made it thru 8th boss (destroyer) in a Run. Mage this time. As Witchslasher noted with his Druid, that make your 5+ minions cost 5 is good. Ended up with 2 Rhonin and 2 Ozruk for it. The 3 cost 5,1 Wax Rager that keeps resummoning did a lot of work for me also.

At final - destoyer - discard my top 2 cards boss. Hitting it's Wrathguard with the business end of a Meteor for 15 face dmg as well to it - helped and was enjoyable.

Nice! I'm stuck on seven wins in Dungeon runs. Getting to seven seems easy, but for the life of me, I can't beat that damned boss that tosses your cards away. Ugh. One of these days, I suppose, either I'll beat him or they'll actually give me a different final boss (if that's even a thing?).

Seems quest bug resolved. Seems fixed for me this morning. new quest added as soon as I logged in.

I did have a lingering 40g quest from yesterday (that I had to Restart to have pop up). But I would doubt having a lingering quest made it work differently. Seems like and hopefully they've truly fixed it now.

That’s a negative on the bug being resolved.

I’m still questless for at least 4 days. Before that I’m not sure, I hadn’t been completing them so, I don’t know if they would have refilled.

Particularly annoying because Blizzard mentioned a hot fix 5 days ago but nothing since

For the life of me, I cannot beat dungeon run with rogue.
Oneshot druid, paladin, and shaman and got warrior and hunter after a couple tries.

But I'm at like 50+ bosses killed on rogue.
Think I'll just clear everything else first so I don't give up.

Good plan. I think Rogue was the first I tried, and ya got whupped. Then had easy time with Warlock, i think got lucky re last boss given. And barely won vs discard boss with Mage.

For Daily Quests -
I did Switch Accounts. And (after a while trying which password was right) when I got back into the same account - Quest was there this morning after it hadn't been even with several logins, clear cache / history and a Restart.

Control is starting to take over the meta. Cooridor Creeper aggro was the rage. But Warlock with ways to get multi Demon Lords and Priest with Priest stuff - and some Druid are much more seen now. Even saw a double Volcano control Shaman - had been quite some time. Going to Wild to try to get to 400 Ranked wins with my mid cost Rogue. Might go mid Warlock in Standard after. Don't know if I want a Control vs Control slog - but need more card draw for sure. Maybe I just had a bad game when I dabbled with Miracle Rogue - but man it went poorly.

I'm a sucker for Wild now. I like it way better than Standard.

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