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Dungeons & Dragons 4e

Thanks for the interest everyone! I've got eight players now, and I think that's enough to start with.

Game Description:

The Shade Wiki


Our story opens in the nation of Deloria, which is looking its last days in the eye. The modest country is set to be the latest in a long string of conquests across the continent by a charismatic young wizard-king named Vremen Shas. How he managed to sieze power from the Council in Gredylt is still unclear, but many believe that he used forbidden magic to turn the minds of the weak-willed and snuff out the life force of the strong. Rumors fly about the devils he allegedly consorts with, and the power he's buying at the cost of innocent souls, but this far from Gredylt, it's hard to be sure.

Still, Vremen's army has driven through nation after nation, subjugating or destroying them with awesome arcane might. No one ever thought the fight would come to peaceful Deloria, yet here it is. Two weeks ago, the city of Gimwood was burned to the ground, and now the bulk of Deloria's army is holed up in the capitol city of Halmern, preparing for a last-ditch effort to fend off the tide of evil. Soldiers huddle side by side with civilians and refugees, looking nervously out over the walls, wondering just how the end will come...

Act I - Wandering Stars

Displaced from their homeland of Deloria by the invading army of the wizard-king Vremen Shas, a small number of adventurers led a band of refugees through a portal to a mysterious new world. What they found was a wasted land, a desert scorching beneath a white sun, a world of strange people scraping out a ragged existence on a planet given over to desolation and despair.

They have struggled to assert a new home for the refugees in their charge, and are now racing through hostile lands to find a way back to the world of Lanthas before Vremen's assassins catch up to them.

Special Rules
Fate points: Everyone starts with one Fate Point. At any time as a free action, you may spend this fate point to avert death or automatically succeed at a failed attack, save, or skill check. Once spent, the outcome of the action is in the DM's hands--a character who would have been killed by an attack may instead parry at the last moment with his enchanted sword, a move which saves his life but destroys his weapon. A character who has to make the perfect shot might wait a bit too long to release the drawstring and get singed by the dragon's breath in the process of landing a hit with her bow. Results will vary, but usually the most entertaining thing possible will happen.

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I'm planting my flag of interest.

Would you be ok with a character who is slowly losing his sanity? Flitting between being perfectly normal, to being unable to remember if he's a chicken to being completely detached from events happening around him. With a little 4th wall breaking thrown in?

This is going to be a grittier, more serious game, so I'm afraid a character like that might be a little out of place here. I'm looking for believable motivations and multi-layered characters. It would be fine if you wanted to portray an emotionally damaged character whose occasionally strange behavior only highlighted the pathos of his poor mental health, but it sounds like you're more interested in using the trait as comic relief.

Sorry to shoot you down on the first post :P but it's just not that kind of game.

I'm interested. Not sure what I'd like to play yet. I'm going to give the background some thought. I love gritty characters so this seems like a good fit. :-)

That's cool. It was a long shot at best, but that leads to character refinement.

I was thinking a warlock, who had tried his best to repress his magics when he was younger. The resulting build up damaged his mentality which is, even though he uses his magics now, slowly degrading his sanity. Add this to his own hatred of what he is and can do. Has always tried to do the right thing bu always takes risks in the hope that he might die but seems to manage it.

Okay here we go:

Elven Druid (Primal Controller)

Character sheet:

So now that I've got a character submitted, a couple questions:
- When are you closing applications? When do you plan on starting the campaign?
- How many PCs are you looking for?


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