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The 2017 Memorial Thread

Originally Posted by dystmesis View Post
RIP 2016, 2017's first victim.
Requiescat in pace, 2016.

At 106? Damn. Can't even feel bad for him, I'll count myself lucky if I make it to literally half his age.

And the old man sucker punched 2016 however many times it took to survive it as well. Bravo old timer. We will take it from here, you've done enough. Rest now, you earned it.

With the year's Memorial Thread starting off, though it may be in bad taste, I have also started The 2017 Deadpool for all to partake in. Hope to get a few more participants this year.

The last astronaut to walk on the moon, Gene Cernan has been called home.

Originally Posted by Legate71 View Post
Miguel Ferrer passed away, age 61, today.
Throat cancer as well... He was great in NCIS: Los Angeles.

Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka dies at age 73 to complications stemming from stomach cancer.
I saw Snuka years ago wrestle in my high school gym. He and the Junk Yard Dog (who was insanely muscled). RIP Superfly. No one could fly from the turnbuckle like you.


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