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2017 MW Fantasy Football

Was relatively lucky, I had a few injuries this year but always had enough depth to get by. Chris Hogan missing a few games was my worst. My biggest problem was almost zero production out of my TE position. But that seemed to be an epidemic this year and there aren’t many TE that have been productive, or didn’t get injured.
Wait, I think I had Greg Olsen at the beginning, there you go

Congrats Running Wilde, looks like won't be a repeat for me. Well done.

OK, I get it fantasy gods, now you're just taunting me. Yup, I just looked at my results from the bye week, the week I did absolutely nothing with my lineup. Highest score in about 8 weeks, by a significant margin. Admittedly, not good enough to have won any probable matchup, but still...

They had a good week of practice for ya. Good luck this upcoming week. I always play each week, even if out of it. Feel ok about my team this year, enjoyed the season

Todd Gurley can just go to hell, ok? I had Kareem Hunt last night score 32.6 points...and then my opponent has Gurley near 50 today. I just can't catch a break against this team in my paid league.

Truly rude dude that Gurley man

Gotta say, trading for Hunt would have worked out pretty well for me if he hadn't taken off just long enough to ensure I didn't make the playoffs. Well, that and if I had any WR's at all. Jordy Nelson celebrated the return of Aaron Rodgers by being the highest scoring WR on my team, a whole whopping 2.8 points. All six WR's combined barely cleared 10 points this week.

I technically still have a shot in the playoffs this weekend. I just need Julio to figure out that he's the best WR in the game and somehow come up with 19.2 points against Tampa.

That is very possible. In 5th place game or whatever spot I'm playing for I think I need D Freeman not to fumble while getting knocked out of game before any points. ( Ahead by a point with no other players yet to play for either team.) App has assigned a 90% chance of that occurring. Can't decide if that number is comforting or not.

Well, while 90% seemed low. Taking him out did move it to 100%. I feel a bit like a player not playing last game in baseball to ensure 400 batting average. (While Ted Williams played anyways and raised his avg a bit.) On the other hand rare to have such a clear owner, take a knee to end the game, way to ensure a win.

I can't help but hear the voice of Herm Edwards repeating, emphatically - "YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!!"
As I try to explain - Not in this case.

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