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ST: Discovery

Episode 5 was definitely a swing towards that optimism. A whole lot of optimism actually. I'm enjoying the show for what it is so far, I think I'll keep watching. I definitely need to check out Orville though.

Originally Posted by WhisperMagellan View Post
I think I'd rather have seen Axanar. Looked like an all around better show.
If you steadfastly refuse to watch the actual show, what's your actual point in saying this? You've said your perspective comes from watching youtube videos by other people... who also hadn't seen the show. I honestly fail to see your point.

Though related, Tony Todd in Axanar is awesome. Star Trek Discovery needs Admiral Marcus Ramirez! Him speaking Klingon alone, with his bemused translations... epic. I love Tony Todd : )

Anyway, seriously man, watch the show. I think you might be pleasantly surprised. After episode 5 last night I got a couple texts from friends who admitted the show was starting to bring them onboard, and they were pretty big haters to start.

Ep 5 is great. Very traditional "Star Trek" and, as ultima says below, a swing towards optimism. My favourite episode so far. Although:

What's the point?
Um, well, for one thing, I have no confidence in CBS.
I've loathed and despised everything Kurtzman and Orci have been involved with.
Why would I watch something I'm almost certain to hate?
On the other hand, Midnight's Edge has been mostly spot on, except when they went into wild speculation (and even that, they qualified as wild speculation and rumor).

And of course, I have seen the trailers, and they looked bloody awful.

It's too bad you feel that way. C'est la vie.

Actually watching a couple episodes won't kill you. Won't even cost you money, they're available for free. At least then you'll have an informed opinion, rather than just interweb vitriol. I'd actually love to hear what you say about episodes 4 & 5, because they're very different than 1&2, or 3 for that matter. But... ah well. c'est la vie.

Just to summarize:

Person A: I HATE X, it SUCKS.
Person B: Have you seen it?
Person A: No, IT SUCKS.
Person B: How do you know?
Person A: Some guys on the INTERNERBZ told me!
Person B: I, uh, I can't even. *shrugs*
Person A: *continues to post in web forum about how thing sucks*

Originally Posted by Dolphin Shoes View Post
That's debatable.
Not gonna lie, I laughed : )

Did I actually say I hated it? No, I said I wasn't interested in it, and had no confidence in it based on the people involved. I further said that people who have a record of espousing views I agreed with before I'd even heard of them, based on my own experiences.

That's a good, thoughtful response, and better illustrates where you're coming from -- thanks.

Still, I disagree, and I don't have to stray from Trek to do it. The pilot of TNG, Encounter at Farpoint, is famously errrrr not good, and the entire first season is rocky indeed. Heck, even season 2 is more bad/mediocre than good.

The original-original pilot for TOS wasn't picked up, and it took no less than Lucille Ball to strongarm the studio into giving them another crack at it with a mostly different cast (Nimoy remained as Spock). It wasn't bad, per se, but it's not even close to the quality of Where No Man Has Gone Before, which is genuinely one of the best TOS episodes.

Outside of Star Trek... I'd say The Wire for sure. I found that first episode dull as hell. With the benefit of hindsight, The Simpsons is pretty godawful to start, though as a little kid I still thought it was great. And I may be in the minority here, but I really didn't care for Twin Peaks after the first episode.

In any case, I think your 10 minute rule is fine when you're trying to cram through an unreasonable number of submissions for a film festival, especially considering most probably aren't very good. But ST is getting very good to great reviews from both Trekkies and non Trekkies alike. As a fan of Star Trek, you should at least give it a fair shake. But you're not. You're relying on critiques from a handful of loud voices on the internet, specifically YouTube, where talking crap invariably results in more views. More views = more money.

Think for yourself, watch the show, form your own opinion, then take to the web forums and tell us how you feel.

Unfortunately part of what I was saying got cut. (maya rendering is hogging a lot of processing power). Will edit to put it back in.

Again, there's the entire history of the people behind the scenes. (It's Kurtzman&Orci for crying out loud! Ok, as far as I know, just Kurtzman, but even one of them is more than enough to kill any interest in the show.) And again, the trailers looked bloody awful.
Honestly, if you don't like Michael Bay movies, would you go to see another one? Why?
Even "The Cage" had something interesting going for it. Also, the studios were only interested in Westerns and sitcoms at the time, which is why Roddenbury had to sell Star Trek as "wagon train to the stars." SciFi shows were expensive, and the studios had no confidence in them.
I'm in the vast minority that prefers Voyager to either of the other minivan generation shows because it was more about people actually going beyond and exploring, when they were actually cut off from home. While the short first season is weak, there was a lot going for it even by the end of the first episode.
Also on the freak views, a lot of very popular US sitcoms and serial dramas bore me to tears.

I was into the first episode of Star Trek Discovery. I thought it was a decent show... but two things killed it for me

Commercials - Not necessarily the shows fault but the amount of commercials compared to the amount of show these days and how they cut it up. Yuck... It's the reason I don't watch TV that much anymore

Paywall - So you cut the pilot into two episodes play one half on TV then then say hey want the rest of the story give us money for our special CBS All Access. Dipshit move CBS, you just lost a causal trekkie who rather go back watching full commercial free episodes of TNG VOY, and DS9 on Netflix then pay for your service. I liked the show but not that much that I want to jump through your hoops.

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