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Star Wars Battlefront

There's several reasons why I haven't bought anything EA in years.

I just can't honestly support EA or Activision/Blizzard these days. If I find out a game has pay-to-win microtransactions or loot boxes, I will not buy it.

But that's not really an assessment of BFII. From what I've seen of it, it's gorgeous (I mean, this is AAA gaming), and the mechanics are supposedly sound. There's definitely fun to be had if you're a fan of Star Wars and FPS, but you also have to be willing to deal with immense grinding to unlock things and handle pay-to-winners, cos that loot box crap is definitely coming back, if it hasn't already.

I think a 7/10 would be a fair score. Pass on it if you're a conscientious buyer.

One step forward, 5-7 steps back.

Campaign: fine, fun missions. Story is meh. Characters are ok-good. No co-op.
Arcade: These are against ai, solo or split screen co-op or split screen vs. In 2015 battlefront, you could do some of these modes online with 1 friend (survival vs ai hordes, it was great especially when you just didn't want to deal with other people). So they took away the play online with a friend thing which sucks.

The gameplay is fun.

Everything not the gameplay is pretty much trash. For example, playing online multiplayer: you got 50 kills and earned a new blaster (hooray!). You can't equip your blaster. You have to stop playing, quit to the menu, find the career section, the right rewards section, and scroll down to find your reward. Then you can equip your new blaster and keep playing (different menu).
There's lots of these weird UI design choices. I got the game as a gift, I turned it on, there on the front page was this big clickable box that said something like 'Introduction.' It wasn't an introduction, or tutorial, or solo arcade content, it just dropped you right into some huge multiplayer fight with no instruction on what was up or down. In the options menu, there's a 'video' tab - the picture for this tab is a screen with those 4 corners that you can use in other games to adjust the edges. If you click on it, though, there's no way to actually adjust the edges. It's just weird and frustrating. There are several colorblind options, so that's a plus.

Gameplay, though, is fun.


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