Star Trek

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What era do you prefer (choose as many as you wish)
Somthing "Classic" (Enterprise - TOS) 5 23.81%
Movie Era 3 14.29%
Between the Shows 4 19.05%
early-TNG 2 9.52%
late-TNG,early DS9 9 42.86%
After allthe show 7 33.33%
Other (let us know) 1 4.76%
Original Timeline 7 33.33%
Kelvin Timeline 3 14.29%

i have been toying with the concept of variant of the Federation and Empire game, but altered/modified for forum play and be altered to DS9 time period and include Cardassians/Dominion and such..

Sudden surprise post!

I've been pulling together resources for a sandbox-y exploration of the Kellerman Rift. I'm going to get an advert up the weekend but if people want to start to put together applications they may post them here.


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