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Sea Ships vs Airships

There's also pirates inside the ocean, so you can have a lot more pirate themed stuff and have them be attacked by various groups out on the ocean, or so on. The statistical chances of two airships coming across eachb other is pretty low, but boats is high, especially if the game revolves around conflict.

I personally feel that a boat is more interesting ,but that an airship gives way more options because you can go over land and carry all your stuff with you and whatnot.

One thing I would like to add to this discussion is a question. How much do you want which type to be prevalent? We can construct all sorts of scenarios here where one setup or the other makes sense and they are either expensive and rare or common or X Y and Z. But ultimately I feel that it would be better to determine what to aim for and than construct a plausible scenario around that as opposed to deriving the game world from what ever we can construct.

Originally Posted by TanaNari View Post
4- Alternately: a good reason not to rely on boats. If there are hostile aquatic enemies, as an example. A boat is tough, but it's not going to hold up against irate mermaids or krakens. If oceans become deadly, skies look a whole lot more viable, whatever weaknesses are involved.
I agree with this point - archipelagos are a natural place for boats to dominate travel, so there really has to be a solid reason not to use them. It doesn't even have to be monsters per se - environmental hazards (prominent shoals, wild tides with strong currents, irate sea bass...)

Originally Posted by Penchant View Post
What about going with a Supernatural solution? It's still fantasy, but you can blend a semimystical macguffin with technology. I've seen plenty of settings that use crystals that have antigravity abilities. You don't want to fly through a dead magic zone but it'd be immune dispelling.
I've always like how Escaflowne handled levitation: there were naturally-occurring "levistones," but they didn't start to float until heated - which meant a lot of mundane support tech was involved in their use. Airships had to have wings to control their fall when the stones cooled off, which is a built-in safety measure.

Originally Posted by Bobcloclimar View Post
It doesn't even have to be monsters per se - environmental hazards (prominent shoals, wild tides with strong currents, irate sea bass...)
Are they ill-tempered?

if your campaign is a high magic setting, then just have flying ships man... fly spell isn't all that powerful of a spell.

you could use something along the lines from the avatar movie, the floating islands and such aswell. kingdom in the clouds

If you need mechanics to how ships fly, then just say theirs magic items crafted from the above islands and placed on the ship to allow up and down movement (as if it was still on the water) you can use the same ship specs for speed and what not depending on how fast the wind(current) was moving.

granted this would make everyone want to fly, so I would say its already past the hype in your games timeline and now becoming expensive as select people are starting to buy up all the "crystals" that allow flight.


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