Newcomers, don't be shy, come and introduce yourself! Our members will be delighted to bring you into the fold.

Hi, there.

Hi, there.

So, my group is all graduating from high school and I'm staying here to go to community college while they're all going to college out of state. Things are pretty dry in this area, game-wise, so a relative of mine pointed me here.

I've played Pathfinder for a few years and got on to 5e about a year ago. I play mostly clerics and druids.

Happy to be here!

Welcome! Things like this happen. But you may very well find a gaming community at Community College. If you don't find one immediately, you can always put up a flyer. There may be people out there in the same situation as you. Don't be afraid to stack a gaming book in with your text books as you sit in a public area. Any time I see someone with a gaming book out in public, I stop and connect. Never know what's going to happen.

And while you see about re-establishing a tabletop group, take a look at the Games & Ads forum to see what is recruiting, and the Game Planning folder to see what people are talking about. And while you are waiting around, check out the rest of the sight, find some topics that interest you and get involved.

Again, Welcome. Feel free to ask questions!

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