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Advertisement of the Righteous

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Advertisement of the Righteous

Spheres of the Righteous - Forum
Pathfinder - Golarion

Seeking 3-5 interested individuals for this endeavor. Must be willing to Learn and/or use some 3pp (and forsake the normal Vancian Casting system.) Good roleplaying skills a must!

The due date is October the 31th.

Game Description:

Are you ready for PAIN?
Are you ready for SUFFERING?
IF the answer is YES, then you're ready for PAIZO'S WRATH OF THE RIGHTEOUS.

-Battle the demons of the Worldwound!
-Uncover ancient secrets and powerful treasures!
-A wide variety of races and classes available, featuring Drop Dead Studios' Spheres of Power and Spheres of Might!

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Ugh, you lure me in with Wrath of the Righteous and cement my attention with the use of Spheres! I have had a Paladin I've played through part of this AP with on several attempts (generally just the first book, though I have seen part of the second) that I might convert over to the Spheres system...

I've not played this AP before and I'm a bit intimidated by the CharGen, but it's pleasing to know that both GMs are available in the Discord channel if I have any quick and dirty questions.

Heads up all! The ad for the game will be closing Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 31. At 23:59 (11:59 PM) MDT or GMT -6. If you've been lurking, please pop up an application base. After that time, we will close the ad.

For those still here, you'll have a week to finish, update, or change applications. After that, Lulumi and I will be choosing people to play the game. At most there'll be six people selected if not less. Any more is too much, but we want to make sure the party is sufficiently set for this adventure.

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