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Movie Scripts

So just a thought to those who like to write. I am a film maker, its what i do, and since my good freind Megosh has got me constantly looking at this site to see if there is an update to his game he is running i thought i would poke around see the sites if you will, no pun intended. In any case i had wondered if there were any of you writers out there that had an idea for a small film, 3-4 minutes, or even 10-20 minutes? I figured that the term "Writer" is a blanket term and involves all kinds, from novels, short stories, plays or dramatic text and film scripts. If that is the case, does anyone want to get some stuff going? If there are some good ideas i will gladly get my team together and film it, and give credit to the writer. Something fresh to think about.

~Happy hunting.

What kind of stories are you looking for? Modern? Sci-Fi? Fantasy? Horror? Obviously certain genre are easier to film than others with things like special effects, props, costumes, makeup, etc.

I'm always down for collabs. Same question as Arcane though. Tell me what you're looking for and I'll write something up for sure. I'm also a musician and I'm told frequently my stuff is great for horror and sci fi scoring, as well as some electro or metal club type stuff if you want any original music.

I can come up with just about anything to get the look across that i need, but what is important to me is a film that has good writing. Any genre will do and certainly some genre's are easier to film, but on that same note if i read a script and it happens to be prop heavy or require some time with Adobe after effects, then sure ill put in the time.

Original music is always a plus, music and sound sets the mood for any film and to be honest it is in short supply, at least for me. Thanks for responding!


1) post pics of your acting team, the pics will help tell a story to me, which I can then tell to you. If they have any strengths or weaknesses it is good to know that as well.

2) throw out any appealing ideas you have floating in your head (or a genre you want to attack) so I can attempt to appeal to them and create something you will be excited to work on. If you are enthusiastic the product will benefit from this.

3) Link any previous works for both my enjoyment and understanding of what you are certainly capable of producing.

With that I'll come up with a pitch for you and then put a script together, preferably utilizing a talent pool of writers rather than just my own noodle. This should also benefit the project.

My theory is to write an episode though, since time is capped at about 15 min-ish, and if the project is good we'll make plans to do some more.

Oh yea! i forgot to link my work page! Sheesh. Also, just because it is only 15 minutes does not mean you cant write a story that could be full length, it would just have to be broken down is all so we can film and be consistent. Does that make sense?
My Vimeo link should not be in my signature

All right, I'm gathering your acting crew is mostly young white men (about 5 or six on rotation), so i'll need to develop that story. I'm also guessing the location needs to be local which looks like the mid-east Americas for me.

I've noticed a willingness to do comedy, but I'd like to take a sharp turn away from that to present a new challenge to the actors.

I'm starting right this moment on developing an idea that should be about 15-20 min of footage if you condense it.

For some reason I'm getting that song "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked" by caged elephant to set the scene based on these factors, my own music wouldn't work much for this type of thing. I'm thinking some scenery similar to Rob Zombie's house of a 1000 corpses or Texas chain saw massacre, mind you not the horror theme, just the old world setting of buildings with the overgrown front yards that house some old junker and the house has boards on the door, busted out windows and some old clotheslines hanging out back, old rusted burn barrels, preferred overcast sky shooting conditions, that sort of thing. Although you're not filming in Louisiana, kentucky, etc. (as far as I know) if should feel like it to a certain extent. Thematically think this shouldn't be horror but should be cold, dark grit.

The first thing that pops up here is that two of the guys are bringing one of the other guys to this remote location to make him dig his own grave and execute him, only it's not clear why. They appear rather nonchalant while the third guy is scared for his life.

They have some whiskey and it gets dark while the prisoner digs the grave and they have some flashbacks that explain the story of how they got there. The story itself is heinous and screwed up on every level as well as being a total clusterf*** something similar to the feel of the end of the movie "Snatch" only more dark and less comedy. I'd even like to use the freeze frame on the face and zoom in effect with the character name underneath them in comic letters for the main characters (since you said you can add in effects, see snatch for this technique).

The pieces of the story (this lets us a use a few other locations, like a seedy bar, and some other cliche archetypes for this kind of story) are interrupted by the various emotions of man to be executed as he goes through the stages of accepting his own death.

backstory element ideas:

-At some point I want someone in a tub with their kidney removed, weakly but calmly making a call from a cell phone to 911.

-I also like the idea of a corrupt cajun accented preacher (should be old man) that is a total sleaze and scum that gets away with it.

-dumb bimbos at a strip club that scam the characters and leave them naked and tied up in a hotel with no money, completely outsmarting them.

that's the base pitch.

I'm not certain about the end because I have to tell the story first, but the first idea that pops in my head is that the man attacks his executions, there is brutal blood and someone dies, but I want their to be some poetic irony to this, which will really depend on the story. Someone walks away, business as usual, with the moon in the background, hit credits.

That's my first thoughts, and I'm sure with the writers here we can take that and turn it into something awesome provided your crew likes the pitch.

If you want a different idea we can try something else but that was my first thoughts.

Also, if you want another project, not writing-centric, I have tons of music, any of which could use a video with heavy effects, but that's more editing and less acting.

Had ideas brewing for a urban fantasy type story personally. I'll have a look over the work page tonight.

I would deff take a look at the resources and produced works before pursuing that avenue too far. I think fantasy might be insurmountable to pull off convincingly. Notice in the doritos commercial they pulled together zombies, but zombies are also uber cheap to make since you can do make up for like $3 a person. Fantasy and sci fi get uber expensive.

Urban Fantasy I hardly see as that expensive unless I started having Mages hurling fireballs constantly or wanting to have dragons cropping up through dimensional portals. Mild CGI is fairly easy to work into video now and not overly pricey. The comment has already said as well that if the writing is good enough props and effects will have the time put into them.


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