4 new class proposals just came through. The unfortunate thing is, on all 4 the names were "working titles", and while I'm sure some can keep their names I know most of them can't.

First, two new soldiers:

The elemental has a specialisation based on element, and can change this specialisation on a full day's rest to any other specialisation they've been trained to use. This gives them marginal damage of that type on natural weapon strikes and strong resistance to that element. Additionally, they are able to generate a weapon (briefly) once per day composed of that element. It doesn't last long and more powerful the weapon the less time it lasts, but it is very powerful and you can apparently summon any personal weapon, from swords and hammers to bows and guns to shields and magic catalysts (though that last one is probably useless if you aren't dual-class).

The primal has a specialisation that provides them natural armour, with a choice on what resistances it will provide. As always with soldiers, this specialisation can be changed with a full day's rest. They focus on the use of natural weapons, being able to deliver natural weapon strikes that produce special effects. Some of these are relatively weak and therefore free to use, others are much stronger and fatigue the user.

Then, two new champions:

This champion class is built around a single weapon they are bound to. This weapon grows in power as they do, and gains active special abilities it can use that are stronger the lower the quality of the bound weapon, though obviously lower-quality weapons are going to do less damage when you aren't using the active abilities. This is good, because your first weapon probably won't be fantastic and you'll be stuck with it, so you'll want very strong actives to make it worth hauling around a baseball bat or whatever it is you started with. It's also good you can use other weapons. And, as a champion, it also has a buff ability it can use, which has a cost but provides nearby allies a bonus to the weapon they are presently using, and only that weapon.

Eldritch Knight:
A sponsored class, the eldritch knight gains two abilities from their sponsor, a vancian spell system with a small list that's granted by their sponsor and an area of effect buff with a standard cost. These are all dangerous, and act to further the sponsor's interests, which you can only hope overlap with yours. Exactly what they get depends on their sponsor. For example, timeless chorus gives spells that give mind-affecting status, conjure grand illusions of creatures of the chorus, and reanimates the dead to join their voice with its song, and its area of effect buff grants dark damage to nearby allies and deals dark damage to nearby enemies. Meanwhile, Eon's Echo grants teleportation-based effects from short-ranged teleportation to homeward, and their buff grants haste.

There are still two new experts coming, too.