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K-8 (Kate)

Gender: Female
Affiliation: Alliance to Restore the Republic
Race: Humanoid Replica Droid
Classes: Scoundrel
Birthplace: Initial activation aboard Blue Haven
Archetype/Role: Slicer, infiltrator, cool head
Era: Galactic Civil War

The Arkanian who built Blue Haven commissioned K-8 to serve as his personal assistant, Report concierge, and additionally as a "companion" for himself and any elite VIP's who might be staying at his newly established resort. He felt that the added prestige of having the very rare and expensive droid in his service would work as an additional draw to get the type of clientele he dreamed of serving. His hope was, that in a few rotations time he would earn enough credits profit to commission multiple models to fulfill any desires his clients might have and thereby skyrocket blue haven into one of the most prestigious luxury resort in the sector.

K-8, or Kate as the Arkanian liked to call her was worth every credit chit he had spent. She exceeded all his expectations for the specifications he had created for and could even serve as a bodyguard in a pinch. No one even suspected the attractive young human female that was constantly by his side was a droid unless the Arkanian told them... which he proudly did on multiple occasions. There was only one problem. The resort wasn't attracting nearly as many guests as its creator had hoped to do and the facility was hemorrhaging credits.

Disaster struck on rotation as K-8 was giving a tour of the stations mining facilities to a group of investors that the Arkanian hoped would be able to inject some much needed capital into his pet project. A pressurized storage tank for storing gasses harvested from the gas giant ruptured and the resultant explosion killed two of the potential investors and several workers, as well as gravely wounded many others, and destroyed most of K-8's superstructure. Additionally, the explosion caused a power surge which destroyed almost half of the stations computer core.

The Arkanian was faced with a dilemma. Naturally the investors pulled out and several lawsuits were filed against him for negligence and dangerous work environs. With the bills piling up, he couldn't afford the repairs to restore K-8 to full functionality or replace the damaged computer cores. Facing an imminent cascade failure of every system on the ship, the Arkanian did the only thing he could think to do. He had K-8's damaged chassis connected to the the stations computer core to act as a bypass. Her advanced verbobrain would be able to easily handle the complex operations that needed to be done, and the cascade could be averted. Hopefully then, with a little time and luck he would be able to get enough credits to have both her and the computer core repaired completely.

He never got that lucky. The credits dried up, equipment started to break down, and he was forced to lay off his employees and sell the salvageable equipment bit by bit. Faced with no other option than to abandon the station for the time being, he instructed K-8 to shut down all non-essential systems and enter a power saving mode. He hoped that he would be able to return to his home world, assemble enough credits to elicit the necessary repairs, and return to repair his dream project. He never did..

When the rebel alliance took control of Blue Haven, One of their technicians found K-8 still connected to the computer core. He recognized the potential of having the droid as part of their team and his commanders agreed with him. They requisitioned the parts necessary to return K-8 to functionality and get the computer core able to run without her. As the station had been abandoned for such and extended time, Galactic salvage laws clearly stated that the station as well as everything aboard it were now property of the alliance... including K-8. She acknowledges the alliance as her new owners, and is also grateful that they were able to restore her to functionality and give her purpose again.


K-8 is very calm and detached when not actively attempting to integrate herself into a situation. For those who are unaware that she is a droid, this can cause her to come of as cold, distant, or even heartless. However, due to her "companion" programming, she is able to easily slip into different personas ranging from giggling shy and nervous to strong and domineering depending on the situation.

She was designed to pass as human even under the must thorough of examinations. She appears as a young brunette human of rare beauty, with brown hair and brown eyes, although these can easily be changed with simple modifications. Her apparent age is also difficult to determine as well with her able to pass as anything from a young teen to a woman in her early 20's.

"Just because we are damned does not mean we should give ourselves over to damnation. We all fall short of the all mighty's grace, but that is no reason that we should ever stop trying to attain it."

Character Basics
Name: Simon Bartlett
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 135 lbs
Apparent Age: Late 60's - early 70's
Actual Age: 100
Date of Birth: 1922
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California
Date of Death: 1982
Place of Death: Brooklyn, New York
Theme Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHzx_QYZ1bU


Name: Simon Bartlett
Concept: Reformed Sinner
Title: Father/Pastor/Reverend

Nature: Penitent
Demeanor: Caregiver

Clan: Nosferatu
Sadist / Chameleon. Child.
Mistress Lash



Charisma (Genial)

Perception (Insightful)



Animal Ken







Eat Food (1pt. Merit)
Useful Knowledge (1pt. Merit)
Calm Heart (3pt. Merit)
Harmless (1pt. Merit)
Sanctity (2pt. Merit)
Deceptive Aura (1pt. Merit)
Healing Touch (1pt. Merit)
Inoffensive to Animals (1pt. Merit)

True Faith (7pt. Merit)

Bad Sight (1 Flaw)
Withered Leg (3-pt. Flaw) {from rev nos clanbook}
Prey Exclusion {Children} (1pt. Flaw)
Soft-Hearted (1pt. Flaw)
Sire’s Resentment (1pt. Flaw)




Blood Per Turn: 1

<Weakness: Hideous Visage

All Nosferatu have an Appearance score of zero, and they may never improve it. Cross it off the character sheet. Dice pools that use the Appearance Trait are inherently difficult for these hideous Kindred.>

Coming soon.

0 currently (0 spent, 0 total)


True to his clan, Simon is abhorrent to behold in his true form. Pale, cracked, parchment like flesh clings tightly to his gaunt frame. Wisps of white hair sprout from his skull like weeds on an untended grave. His eyes are dull and filmed over (requiring glasses to see properly), and he has no nose to speak of. He walks with a sever limp in his right leg and uses a simple wooden cane to aide his mobility.
Using his command of obfuscate, he takes the appearance of an individual with similar features, but human enough that they can be explained away by a wasting illness such as leprosy or injury.


Calm, patient, and kind. Simon is a true shepard for his flock and never turns away a soul in need. Even if that soul is a lupine in search of a warm meal, or a fellow vampire seeking sanctuary from the morning light. As long as these beings refrain from violence, and cause no harm to his parishioners, Simon will give them aide and succor as if they were any other child of god.
His church at times functions as a soup kitchen, a homeless shelter, and even at times as an animal shelter for the pets that are displaced during extreme weather. Simon views all living (and some unliving) things as parts of a greater whole. Due to his generous demeanor and seeming non-interest in involvement in the greater games of the Jyhad, most of the supernaturals of Baltimore are content to leave him be. They tend to see him as beneath there notice at worst, or a curiosity at best.
Simon doesn't mind the lack of attention. He prefers to stay away from the temptations and violence that seem to plague the modern world. Yet even Jesus walked amongst the whore, thieves, liars, and lepers to spread the gospel. He has come to realize that if he truly wishes to do gods work upon this earth, then he must do the same. There are souls outside of the church doors that need saving... including his own.


Born in Los Angeles when Hollywood started to explode at the height of early years of Cinema, Simons father was a construction worker and his mother a stay at home wife. His early years were pleasant and carefree. He did well in school, had plenty of friends, and for all intents and purposes was the perfect example of idyllic suburban American youth. Then, the unthinkable happened. Japanese planes bombed pearl harbor in an unprovoked surprise attack. America was entering WWII.
People were getting drafted and sent to fight in the Pacific and Europe. However Simon was able to obtain an exemption for clergy by enrolling in Seminary school in order to become a priest. He studied hard. Took his vows, and by the time atomic bombs were dropped on Japan; Simon was ready to head to his first parish.
Things started well at first. Simon was charming, charismatic and well liked. But something wasn't right. Simon began to feel the pull of temptation every service and every Sunday school. He fought it for as long as he could, but his willpower wasn't strong enough. Eventually he gave in... and enjoyed it.
Simon became one of THOSE types of priests. The ones you hear about on the news. The ones that have allegations come up 10 years later. The ones that get moved from diocese to diocese and parish to parish all across the country. The ones who the Vatican try to keep as dirty little secrets. So it was for Simon. Back and forth across the country. Church to church, always staying just ahead of the trail of ruined childhoods he left in his wake. Always promising never to to do it again, always begging the strength to keep temptation away, always giving in, always enjoying it. Again and again and again.
For nearly 40 year this cycle repeated itself. Simon thought that only he, god, and the assorted Diocese that had to clean up his messes knew of his predilections. He was wrong..
She was an angel, he though upon his first sight of her. She had wandered alone into the church at night. Skin like porcelain, hair in curls the color of the sun, a dress of baby blue. The tears streaming down her face and the red rings around her dazzling green eyes crushed his resolve. He took her to a back room to calm down and pray. No one has to know he told himself, no one has to know. But she already knew.
His golden angel revealed herself to be a demon in disguise. A Nosferatu vampire who was well aware of the secrets the church tried to hide. She revealed herself to Simon and savaged him horribly before dragging him down to her haven in the sewers to play a game of her own...
This was Mistress Lash. For over a week, she brutally tortured Simon, breaking bones and scouring flesh. She taunted him with the faces and voices of his past victims and laughed as he begged for mercy and forgiveness. She kept this up until Simon begged to die. Please he whimpered, through a gurgling mouthful of broken teeth. Please let me die, even hell can't be worse than this.
That was when Mistress Lash did the most terrifying thing Simon had seen her do. She smiled. She hadn't even begun to show Simon hell.
She embraced him into Clan Nosferatu. Her plan was to use the embrace as further punishment for the wayward priest. She would relish his screams and moans as he realized just how low he had sunk and how truly forsaken by his god he was, but it didn't work that way. Something in Simon awakened with the embrace. He realized this was an opportunity to actually save his soul and make up for the sins he had committed. He had not been killed, he had been given life anew. The ugliness inside of him had been brought to the outside so that the grace of god could fill him.
Simon left the sewers with renewed hope, humanity and faith.
He made his way to Baltimore, one of the few cities he hadn't sullied with his taint in his mortal days. It was time to do things the right way, even if it took him an eternity to make amends.
Mistress Lash has never forgiven him for ruining her fun...


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