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Shadow Stream: Personal Art Thread


I do not care about any of the techno art babble that may be true about it...I think its pretty damn cool!

Yup a banner. Like you have at the top of your first post.

Looking good man. I'm not an art critique at all but it looks good to me.

This image is a collaboration between Blackrazor and I. It is the initial concept for a character of his. The character is a young, determined cavalier, taking up his father's arms. Variations will be posted as they are finalized by Blackrazor. Admittedly, there was supposed to be a symbol on the tabard, but I was unable to come up with the sigil itself and the arrangement on the tabard, so we left it out for now.

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Wow Shadowstalker, all concepts are very very cool. I am so impressed and jealous that 'razor now has his own personal artist for character art. AWESOME! Keep up the good work.

@Sillaric, Thank you, kind sir. Personal artist, hehehe.

I'm thinking of doing character portraits for characters that have been in the same game for at least 1 year (and that actually want me to do a portrait).

You should do some commissions...I'd gladly search my couch cushions for enough money to pay up.

Is he supposed to be that skinny? Just curious.

@Khakhan, I thought about doing commissions, and if I get enough inquiries I might have to, but I don't mind doing it for free right now (since I'm not a professional and don't do it for a living anyways). Honestly, I'm flattered that you would actually pay me to do a portrait for you!

And, yes, he was supposed to be very skinny. Gangly and lanky were two adjectives used to describe him.


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