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Shadow Stream: Personal Art Thread

I think the psychology behind that is that there is no advantage to playing past your prime in D&D. In GURPS there is an in game advantage of free points when you take any sort of disadvantage, so as a result the idea becomes far more feasable, but even then, it really depends on the power level of the game.

Not many people would make an old wizard with 100 point base because even with the disadvantages he'd seem far less skilled than he should be at that age. If it was 300 point base though, he'd be a pretty epic wizard and being old would be the least of his problems

Just finished a "test" illustration for my homebrew setting, The World of Rysylis. He's a young Stromlander, more than likely the son of a thegn. If you care, you can find more information on the setting by clicking on my sig. link.
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Hero of Legend

Long time no post. For that, my apologies. I've been terribly busy. Some good news is: I finished (nothing is ever finished!) my first real illustration. It is of Link of Hyrule, one of my all time favorite characters. Hopefully I did him justice.
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Shadowstalker, it's just wrong to draw something that well and leave it on a white canvas. Put some background in there man. D= If you can draw clothing texture that well, you can put some dirt beneath his feet.

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